Marriage Or Mortgage Review: Where the couple decides whether to use the money for the wedding or the house

A husband and wife are talking about what their marriage should be like. “Evan, you could say you wanted our wedding. To be the best anyone had ever visited,” said bride-to-be Liz to the groom-to-be. He agreed.

The Storyline:

In this Nashville-based series, wedding organizer Sarah Miller and realtor Nicole Holmes. It shows couples what to do with their budget for the wedding or the home.

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A desperate Miller accepts the couple’s wish list and shows them two chairs. The two options for transporting guests, discussing how much it will cost.

Holmes then took the couple to three houses and tried to answer everything on the couple’s wish list. The couple then had to decide whether to use their budget for the wedding or the house.

For Evan and Liz, seats include the brewery, and transportation includes the party bus. And when Miller forces her to lure her into the wedding.

She gets a few breaks for things like curtains to get the food truck they want. Holmes shows them three homes at different distances from Evans’s new job in the middle.

The main feature the couple wants is the fenced backyard of their charming bulldog. As a suggestion, Holmes threw a booth named after the pup and played the golden teenager for Evans Den.

Our Review & Verdict:

A wedding or a mortgage is a fun event that doesn’t exist on HGTV or TLC. There is no speed in this show, rated TV-G, just happy couples looking at good wedding items and beautiful homes.

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It doesn’t even cause problems like the house hunters above as the couple has realistic budgets and expectations.

The problem we had with this show was that it was too fictional. Holmes and Miller shared an office and greeted each other in the morning as if they owned a real business when in truth, you knew that such a business would never exist.

When Miller showed the couple the location of the wedding and transportation options, he asked them to decide on the location, which made us wonder if they had selected the location. And just as anyone who knows the process of making the House Hunter movie, they know that the real house on display may not be for sale.

However appealing to everyone on the show, from Miller and Holmes to Liz and Ryan’s cute couple, the entire rehearsal feels like a paste put together from another reality format and only feels the stitches emerge.

Was the “discount” Miller received from the place real? Was the game of gold tea that Holmes offered the couple an incentive (just as valuable, but not as expensive as you think)?

It also felt like the producers were playing with Liz’s uncertainty about how much it would cost if an affair one day went wrong. A logical clock can lead you to the conclusions the couple has drawn. But logic plays no such program.

Is a Marriage or a Mortgage a breezy, inoffensive Show?

All of this said, however, can make a great distraction between watching heavier shows. We saw the couple enjoying their choice and won’t tell you what the options are if you’d like to find out for yourself.

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We love that the couples featured at this event are a little more diverse. Then some, we’ve seen at other home/wedding events.

Same-s*x couples, adult couples, couples with people of color are shown. We hope to see more of this as the shows continue to be seasonal.

COVID has likely disrupted many plans for couples choosing doorstep weddings. Are we going to find out if they lost money when they lost their place or did a discount help them find a wedding and a home?

While Marriage or the Mortgage may be a superb version of another, better reality show. It also has enough charm to make it a fun watch.