Yes Day Review: A children’s fantasy about a day where parents say “yes” to everything

Depending on their circumstances, many people enjoy a beautiful and happy decade of unrestrained. Maturity simply saying “yes” to all kinds of new experiences and youthful adventures.

Yes Day Story Plot:

Yes Day, a new Netflix comedy directed by Miguel Arteta and written by Justin Mallen. It explores this honeymoon life for a few minutes before collapsing into the reality of parenting.

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Suddenly, the word “no” became the dominant wall of preservation of childhood. The once-fun-loving lovers needed to focus more on what couldn’t be done than on what could.

The film features Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez as Alison and Carlos Torres, the eager parents of three precocious children.

The oldest teenager (Jenna Ortega), the nerdy middle child (Julian Lerner), and the cutest love (Everly Carganilla). Alison and Carlos discover that so many rules and regulations leave their children trapped in their own homes.

So school counselor (Nat Faxon) suggests trying “Yes Day,” which involves parents running for 24 hours and saying “Yes”. To almost anything, their child wants to do, with some clear ground rules, of course.

But on this “yes day,” kids have more than one option to steam out and wipe everything from their systems. Such as the Nickelodeon remake of The Purge.

Alison was frustrated by Carlos’s calmer parenting style, which made him feel like a family noise. And Carlos has his own time off from the stress of work.

This “Yes Day” is their chance to see how they can become better parents. But also a chance for children to understand why adults sometimes have to say no.

Apart from “Yes Day,” there are bets from Katie, the eldest. She believes her mother can’t go all day without saying “no” to something.

In that way, he’s counting on Alison to live the energy. The freedom-loving lifestyle he once enjoyed but now has the opportunity to take the whole family out for fun.

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Yes Day is a lovely hour and 26 minutes of pure:

The pure fun that’s even more contagious than how well the entire cast is having fun in this role. The kids develop all kinds of nonsensical scenarios for parental failure, but the film wisely avoids demonstrations at the parents’ expense.

They may be a little upset or nervous at first but can say that parents are ready to make the most of the Day, and children enjoy seeing their parents respond to their ideas so positively.

You always believed that everyone in this family wanted the best for each other, even though they had many struggles and complaints, so being in the family is important, right?

The film also has a personality influence in terms of its birth components.

The children are half Latin, so sometimes Spanish is spoken by everyone in the family. It doesn’t affect the plot in any way. Still, it’s nice to see accessible studio comedy like this one that recognizes.

This type of family’s existence without stopping performatively at its appearance. Especially for the main productions, many people will be watching on Netflix this weekend and next weekend.

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Additionally, Yes Day features an energetic cast of comedians, including Fortune Feimster. As a disgruntled medic and Arturo Castro as the only cop playing.

A minor role in something much more sincere than expected. The film works with the original Disney Channel film’s fragile logic, barely striking a reasonable balance. But the actors fit into this squeaky, clean world quite easily.

Most of the slaps in the face and the goofy humor are sure to provoke a groan. It’s certainly not difficult to overload yourself with candy from this dish. But when enjoyed with the whole family. Yes Day is a harmless and often humorous escape from real life’s symbolic boundaries.

Yes Day broadcasts on Netflix.