Asphalt Burning: A Movie with Lots of hot cars and their crashes

The Netflix film Burning Asphalt is titled Borning 3. So any American unfamiliar with the Borning franchise. I’ll bet most of them are playing games on it might get a little lost at first.

Of course, it doesn’t help if Netflix confuses the entire company by giving it an English title with nothing, which means the film is a sequel.

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The story line of the movie Burning Asphalt:

Roy and longtime girlfriend Sylvia! Katherine Thorborg Johansen replaced Jenny Scavlan is actually married. The night before the official wedding, the happy couple and their newborn baby named Shelby, I think the character Ford versus Ferrari?

All your friends and family are having fun beside the beautiful misty mountain. I can see visually beautiful thunder against the background of the pile of guard wagons with muscle cars in an inch of their life.

The scene is akin to car porn from the movie Fast and Furious, but with scantily clad women and plump, white, middle-aged boys.

But then old friend Sylvia Robin (Alexandria Maria Lara) arrives in a slick red Porsche to end the party and throws a wrench into the plan. Roy is high on alcohol and is having a really good time.

He died it up for no reason, except because he was dumber than a chicken in Werner Herzog. The next day, Robin stopped the wedding ceremony and revealed his moral failure.

She pushes Sylvia and Shelby into the Porsche and tells him she has to fight for the bride on the famous German Nürburgring circuit. Sylvia agreed, perhaps because she was as stupid as a noble chicken.

Roy and some of his stupid friends travel from Fjord Land to Germany to race.

Two of them drive a vintage hearse restored so they can accidentally retrieve a corpse for comedy and because it would be tedious to take on Celica 2014.

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On the way, they meet two more Roys so the characters can fit into the intense comedy with mixed identities. You’re also entangled in a hot, coin-operated villain named Lemmy (Henning Baum), who looks more than just a passing Lemmy Kilmister, rock and roll legend and leader of the unmatched and influential group Motörhead that is huge, BIG, in Germany (and still very big, HUGE, in my basement). By the way, will Roy win over his wife? Don’t say anything!

Our Review on the movie Burning Asphalt:

A show worth seeing: Urf. The material is consistent with the extraordinary failure of the cast. Simultaneously, I think the man who played Lemmy made Lemmy perfect. Even without warts on his face and broken teeth. Maybe because the film budget was obviously being blown up by hot cars.

“Competition for the Bride”? Is this the moodiest space galloping ever? As for the car’s likeness used for action films, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang looks like a Lamborghini. Getting into Sylvia was important for “what I have to see,” perhaps because she was mad at Roy.

Maybe because she was a car enthusiast who wanted to visit the Nürburgring. But mainly so that the film didn’t have to find another fragile, ironic reason to exist.

But maybe, this is the story that is all about the journey, not the destination. The result is never in doubt. Perhaps the question lies.

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In the friends we make, the laughter we have, and the love we feel along the way. You know all this shit. Asphalt Burning’s main goal is to use the popularity of its predecessors.

In their homeland and craft a series of derogatory jokes from crazy characters. So it’s bad that the chase sequence is memorable and interesting with a CGI video game from circa 2002.

The joke is DOA, and the character is an empty ship taken from old comedy trash. Suppose Asphalt Burning is the basic introduction to the Borning films. I can’t see anyone looking for the previous two films. How stupid.