“Judge Steve Harvey” Review: Where comedians tackle pretty funny arguments

Judge Steve Harvey is exactly what you think. As he mentioned in the introduction, he knew common sense even though he didn’t have a law degree. And boy, did the people who brought the case to him need a lot of common sense.

“Everyone represents the honorable judge Steve Haaarvi!!!!” – shouted the announcer as the door behind the comedian’s “bench” opened. And he stood in the shadow of the spotlight with his arms crossed in the middle.

Harvey worked on three cases.

Mui and Melanie’s neighbours and former friends fight over the broken fence in the first case. Mui sued Melanie for the fence, which she accused of damaging Melanie’s tree in 2017. And for half the cost of alcohol at St. Patrick, Melanie suggested throwing away to “fix it”. Fences.” Harvey spends most of his time figuring out why he broke the fence that broke more than four years ago.

In the second case, Daphne sued her sister Tiffany for $6,000, the money she paid Tiffany for her sister’s funeral. Daphne claims Tiffany is cheaper at the funeral and uses the money to get a BBL (Brazil Butt Lift).

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In a third case, Erin sued her younger brother Drake for paying her $5,000 to build a custom wardrobe in November 2020, and nothing was built. Drake says he’s trying to find suitable wood for the project and doesn’t have a COVID delivery line. Harvey was amazed by the deal Erin got. “Jesus was a carpenter and would have paid more,” he told Erin.

After about five minutes for Judge Steve Harvey, the ridiculous notion of Harvey filing petty lawsuits among people disappears when you find out what the show is all about. Of course, this is a court show – something like that. But it’s a comedy show; In this way, ABC can also use the Family Feud host’s preferences for humorous looks, suspicious reactions, and disturbing individual dialogue. With that in mind, the show has the potential to be a nice change of tempo, but not a show you want to see more than once or twice.

Let’s face it: those cases are pretty stupid.

While searching for cases, producers may find the term “BBL” in the list and consider it comedy gold. In two cases, a brother or sister judged the other, once when the siblings didn’t like each other and once when they were as close as they could be. All of these cases almost make sense. But their elements play a role in what Harvey does best: read the situation and react.

And there are places where Harvey has fun, like when he irritably tells both parties that what they’re saying doesn’t make sense, or when he gets up from the bench to tell Tiffany he’s a BBL by charging her credit card so she can use her brother’s money to pay the bills. Even the plaintiffs and defendants knew it was a comedy show because everyone laughed together when Harvey closed it with a funny line like they were joking around in a comedy club.

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So far, Harvey has managed to poke fun at the case without disparaging the people he argued with. This would be a fine line to walk, but Harvey has been around for a long time and should be able to strike that balance quickly.

Of course, Judge Steve Harvey was stupid. But Harvey knows how to deal with an audience and how stupid the show is. If everyone can turn to him, including those who bring cases to him, we can turn to him too.