“Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke” Review: The outnumbered sequel to the Nigerian comedy hit

They gather around a conference table in a high-rise office building in Lagos. Who argue about everything and agree on nothing – then move on. But they will soon unite against a common enemy, Laila (Rahama Sadau). CEO of Beecroft, who is ready to go against her father-in-law’s will and steer the dough elsewhere.

And oh, also by the way, Laila is another daughter of the primary father. His other mistress (especially in a culture where polygamy is legal but not necessarily accepted by everyone). The Beecroft family’s drive is to judge bullshit with everyone because do we expect anything different from the extended family? Almost not.

But movies don’t care about legal rhymes because where’s the comedy in them?

Instead, it investigates the theoretically hilarious fights off many of its characters. The descendant of the primary father, Femi (Folarin “Falz” Fallana), fails in the plot as a willing rapper. Which is called Big Money Famzi, a nickname that is very ironic. Just because he has no money, nor a river or a decent rhyme. His mother, Lady Kay (Ajok Silva), organizes a birthday party for herself, rarely attended by angry friends and family.

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Warring sisters Tinu (playing Funke Akindele-Bello) and Teni (playing Kate Henshaw). Who runs a clothing store with “Aunt” Nike (Shafi Bello). Fight for the affections of handsome Prince Sonny (playing Pola Arukwe). Soccer star Mawuli Gayor appears to be doing well with a solid career and personal brand. Still, his attractive manager disrupts his engagement to Ada (playing Beverly Naya). By arranging a dinner date with the s*xy pop star. And then injuring himself at a charity match in the muscles of her thighs.

The Beecroft family are public figures in a downward spiral. The sharpened by one granddaughter eating slanderous gossip on Internet videos watched by millions. The mentioned subplot revolves around the family’s struggle for happiness, which barely fades into the background.

With all the half-siblings and wooden lovers, the family wasn’t very closed off at first. But is now on the verge of the collapse. When it comes to coming together in the name of a massive mountain of money. But maybe it’s really not always about the money. Maybe it’s also about the accepting reality, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, and making the most of it?

Chief Daddy 2 is a sleek and ambitious ensemble with a team of famous Nollywood stars:

Some of them are award-winning – it’s meant to be like a sprawling, welcoming Hollywood comedy. But like American films like that, the script was a problem. He spreads many of his characters too weakly, doesn’t get enough jokes and gets stretched and repetitive.

It begins by revealing a turn of tables and ends with a marriage. That shatters roughly zero stereotypes as it cuts through 112 minutes of poorly executed comedy and all-too-familiar situations that vaguely hint at the tired and fallen notion that family is a minor necessity difference and unite to achieve common goals. Tell us something we don’t know.

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This film needs editing and another to feel the odd timing during the writing process. Some of the story elements that should have been more critical of the plot are almost forgotten (Laila, the de facto villain here. It disappears in most of the film) for the meanders. That meander longer through Femi’s quest for fame and fortune (the scene in her trying to sell herself off).

Himself, by passing out in the marketing department (the meeting didn’t result in a single smile) and a myriad of women’s problems (too many toothless bickering with his future wife), roughly resolved best with a larger piece of inherited land. Femi and Dami have a warm conversation or two, which are undoubtedly the best moments in the film, but they weren’t enough to get this film out of its shitty, dying slate. Chief Daddy 2 is an unfocused mess that would be unbearable if it only made us laugh more.