“Blending Christmas” Review: With that, the excellent Brady Bunch collection is gone

Blending Christmas for Life continues this holiday season’s most unexpected trend: get-togethers! We’ve already seen the cast from The Wonder Years, Back To The Future, Desperate Housewives, and Fuller House appear in this year’s new holiday film.

Now, Blending Christmas is joining the fun by bringing the Brady Bunch cast together and adding celebrities from TGIF. But did all this nostalgic fusion make up a Christmas TV engagement?

Hailey Duff plays Emma, ​​a public relations manager who dreams of getting the perfect deal. From longtime boyfriend Liam (Aaron O’Connell). A suggestion will surely help Emma escape the impending closing of the Hacienda de la Sierra.

She has hosted Christmas since childhood, an escape to the Grand Canyon. Liam, who was about to make the whole proposal, decided to make the moment even more special. By taking Emma to the hacienda for one last Christmas party – and inviting her and her family on a trip!

Family members include Emma Will’s father (Greg Evigan):

Which happens to be Liam’s boss at a development company. Emma John’s uncle (Barry Williams) also works for the company, but his other uncles. Of course, which was played by Christopher Knight and Mike Lukinland have creative careers as “inventors” and “actors”.

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Liam invites his mother, played by teen wizard star Sabrina Beth Broderick. And his aunt, played by Susan Olson, on this trip. Her other aunt, played by Jennifer Elise Cox from Brady Bunch’s iconic film. AnD failed because she was doing overseas charity work. This film has many actors.

Now Liam is just looking for the right time to propose to Emma. Without a dozen family members getting in the way. Oh, and Emma wouldn’t be happy to learn that her father. Who was interested in buying in the hacienda and also developing into the land into something completely different.

It’s a tough decision because the script doesn’t give anyone a chance to shine. Especially the cast, who don’t play much anymore. The singer I’m looking forward to the most. Jennifer Elise Cox only gets a minute or two of screen time from a Zoom call. This isn’t very pleasant because Cox’s performance as Ian Brady is truly iconic.

The idea of ​​reuniting the Brady family for a Christmas movie of a lifetime is a great one. Brady Bunch as a franchise includes two of my favourite extended vacations. The Brady Bunch episode from season 1 of “The Voice of Christmas” and the 1988 TV film A Very Brady Christmas. That’s why it’s so annoying that Blending Christmas is so boring.

Since the plots of these films are very similar (every significant role is in PR or Development on Earth this year):

Viewers need to stick to the show and humour to enjoy the ride. Actors have to be charming, and their chemistry has to be fun. Dialogue has to be a little funny, like a dad joke. Mixing Christmas doesn’t have any of that. Hailey Duff and Aaron O’Connell never found time to develop momentum. As they were already a couple early on in the film.

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The rest of the cast was frustrated by the script wandering from scene to scene. The half-heartedly trying to get the cast to do something. There is no Bobby Brady making noise while everyone else is asleep. No Cindy Brady getting sunburnt, no Peter Brady asking anyone to invest in one of his ideas. That no one is contributing to anything. When a movie adds a completely superfluous supernatural component. There’s not much you can do other than shrug and say, “Yeah, sure, why not?” Otherwise, nothing happens. You can add a thoughtful spirit.

It’s also a shame because this cast can be so much fun. The film starts early and uses a call to Zoom to emulate The Brady Bunch’s opening credits. And it’s the best joke in the movie. Then every scene is filled with so many holes that it’s usually full of jokes. Or at least some clever attempt at dialogue. Brady deserves better.