“Candified: Home for the Holidays” Review: Where the A-Team Builds a Candy-sized House

Now live on Hulu, “Candy Queen” Jackie Sorkin and his team of candy artists take candy creation to the next level in Candified: Home for the Holidays. Within a short period of 6 weeks, the group started building a real-time candy vacation home to impress investors looking to build a candy-themed hotel. Is this show as funny as it looks? Or will you have a toothache?

“Candy Queen” Jackie Sorkin has sweet, sweet dreams;

He creates vast confectionery creations out of candy, things most of us can’t even imagine. He just got some good news and can’t wait to share it with his team of candy artists. Sorkin is in touch with potential investors and candy lovers interested in opening a candy hotel in Nashville.

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To sign the contract, Sorkin wanted to create a fully functional, full-size holiday cake shop. Every surface, every accessory, and every piece of furniture must be “confirmed”. The trick? The team only had 6 weeks to do this, a deadline that took many by surprise. But if anyone could, it would be this “inappropriate” team.

You start with the nursery, which Sorkin hopes for in “Winter Extravaganza in Wonderland.” Will fill a polar bear bed with marshmallows (complete with cotton pillows and acid-bound blankets), a bookshelf filled with candy, and needles with sugar cubes that open into the marshmallow holes. And we mustn’t forget the giant candy penguin that will also appear in the room.

Each team member is assigned a different component of the room, and everyone goes to work, caught up in the little drama we know and love from this type of series from time to time. The bed and nightstand slowly but surely came together, but tragedy struck when the majestic penguin lost his head while being picked up from the table. Can our group of candy lovers complete this crazy construction in just 6 weeks? The only time that can answer!

I’m an idiot for a reality show on TLC vibe;

To throw a group of people into the kitchen or workshop. And see what they can do while doing TV magic. This is precisely what Candified: Home for the Holidays does. Although it seems like it’s deliberately trying to create Drama between Gen and D.Micah in the workplace we crave.

All the members of this crazy candy team are gorgeous. I feel like family, to the point of silly bickering and occasional tears. Sorkin has a whimsical and friendly quality. That makes him the perfect fearless leader for this creative team of candy artists.

Candified tries not to do anything particularly new with its format, which is why it has to inspire viewers of racing shows back, home makeover shows and cake shows. Not much about it; make something dazzling and delicious looking.

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At events like the Holiday Home Makeover, it’s great to see rooms come alive with all the holiday magic, but Candified has added an extra layer of sweetness that tops it all. Is that a bit mundane? Naturally. But this enormous piece of art, created by these candy connoisseurs, adds a wow factor that can’t find anywhere else. This is very beautiful.

D.Micah is a born reality star, a strong character and very funny. He wasn’t afraid to give his opinion on how Gen did things, and he knew the value; He left Company America to join this team, so he is fully prepared to surpass others and do his job to the best of his ability. “Papa is not only beautiful in appearance, but he also has brains, honey,” Mika told us while continuing to do his way. You couldn’t ask for a more memorable character in this show.

Candified: Home for the Holidays puts a unique twist on the dessert reality show. It showcases truly unique confectionery creations. And what it takes to make those mouthwatering wonders a reality.