“Gary Owen: Black Famous” Review: Divorce Made Coming Home Bitter

In his fifth comedy special on Showtime, Gary Owen returns to his hometown of Cincinnati to end his marriage breakup and take comfort in how popular he is with black Americans there and elsewhere. Despite the divorce.

Gary Owen is part of Showtime;

Black Famous is the fifth stand-up speciality for first-class cable networks. And he became better known to black Americans through his various accomplishments. As a famous white man, appearing in supporting roles in films such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Little Man, Daddy Day Care, and Meet the Blacks. He and his family also star in the BET reality show on television. The Gary Owen Show, having previously hosted ComicView BET for two seasons.

Owen’s reality became even more apparent in 2021 when he announced his divorce. He addresses this early on in this more personal stand-up hour.

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Did you hear any good gossip? he asked, pointing to himself. “I had a very confusing and public divorce. I thought it was private. The woman had other plans.”

But Owen received early applause, noting that he would never “sell” himself by cheating on his wife with a white woman and saying. “I’m still on the team.” He’s also caught up in gossip reports. That his future ex is demanding $44,000 a month in upkeep. As well as the idea that he might be a dead father when their kids grow up.

Lessons can be divided into two parts of personal pride.

The first is about how well he keeps his private life secret; the second is about being “the most famous black man” every time he returns to Cincinnati. She used this fame on her last trip to the Bengals game and her current run. She received a lot of praise thanks to the lady at the Avis counter. And did you know that at the beginning of the pandemic, he contracted COVID-19? Maybe only now, unless you’re one of his friends who caught him!

The personal touch makes this class special for Owen and his audience.

Her 2019 unique poked fun at her social media presence, introduced lots of catchy phrases and hinted that she would never get into a scandal. So now, when we watch and hear him go through the messy divorce. And reveal how much he’s been hiding from social media. We feel like we’re seeing a much clearer portrait of who he is and what he’s talking about.

He invites us more profound with a series of late-night jokes about how his parents had also him. When they were in high school and how their irresponsibility and immaturity affected his childhood.

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Although some of his jokes may be more than just unpleasant.

Comparing a COVID-19 tracking phone call to Magic Johnson’s HIV calls 30 years ago may not be “too early”. But while Magic may have survived his AIDS diagnosis, we know how well it turned out for all the women he slept with.

And then there’s the one hell of a decision to do a decent routine on some crazy Netflix documentaries. Only to call it a homophobic joke about the Netflix algorithm suggesting that Owen might want to watch a gay-themed movie. But I think that makes Owen a blacker comedian these days? If you want to know more about Gary Owen, this is the time to do it. This is the best time, the most private.