“Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime” Review: Matsunaga takes advantage of his first prison leave

In the first episode, we saw Matsunaga let go of his lawyer prisoner in 2019, go to his aunt’s apartment to live during leave. Elize has decides to record the interview for his present daughter – Preteen, who only toddlers when the murder occurred, for, in his words, “tell him what really happened.”

Matsanuga and investigative journalists, lawyers on both sides, and various friends:

From Marcos and Erize described their whirlwind. Marcos is a clear heir for Yoki, and Erize, a much younger, is a law student who works as a nurse. Friends and family did not understand the relationship, especially when Marcos decided to ghost one of his old group groups.

Then, when they tried to have a child, Elize found that Marcos cheated. He denied it, and their arguments got more vitriolic right when Elize was pregnant. It arrived when he hired an investigator to track it, and he knew he saw other people.

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The argument continues to occur, and he goes to his aunt place to rate again. But when he returned, he emitted him so severely, so he got a gun and shot him. But the police, together with reporters. It wonders whether the murder was not “crime desire” he received.

For one, when the police found a blue bag with John Doe’s body in it. The pieces were clean with very little blood. Second, why did he shoot him just because of his cheat? When he would make a bundle of money he could get in a divorce?

We got the temptation to focus on the documentary around a rare interview:

With the perpetrators of one of the Brazilian spark murders. Still, something about Elize Matsunaga’s Story did not increase. At least in the first episode. The story of the story gives too much trust. By the Director and Manufacturer of Elize Matsunaga Once Upon A Crime.

The first thing that appeared to us was the story of Elize. About his marriage to Marcos Matsunaga pulled out to the point. We were just upset that we did not get to his recognition to the police. Again in 2012 that he killed her husband. Cut into pieces and spread his body parts in the forest. We know it will come.

However, he was in prison at that time for 7 years (now 9). But another thing that annoys us is that the credibility of his account is not at all challenged.

It could be the only person from the Matsunaga family team is their lawyer. Can understand that they do not want to participate. Still, by not participating, the documentary finally becomes a presented account presented mostly, leaving viewers to find out whether to believe it or not. But another thing that made us leave was that we tried to find out. How Elize Matsunaga increased his dispute with her husband to shoot him.

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Could it happen? Certainly yes:

But, like mentioning one of the reports, it doesn’t make sense. He cheated on several times and verbally roughly when he finally faced him with evidence. But did he hit him? Did he threaten his life? The man might be rubbish, but there seems to be nothing about Elize’s interview.

Which shows that he shot him to defend himself or something. Then you have the fact that he carefully cuts it and leaves a little blood; It’s not something you do with panic.

The aspects of this case are something we expected. That is covered in the remaining three episodes. If not, this series is more attractive and more petite, like something that explores this case.

If you go to Elize Matsanuga: once after the crime with the right frame of mind, you must be in an exciting story. But if you expect an actual check from this case. You will not get satisfy with what you see.