Mortel Season 2 Review: The series again ends of on a cliffhanger, expect a season 3?

It was very critical of the first season of Mortel. There is a feeling that characters do not work, thrown into teenage backgrounds and school arrangements, mixed between god mythology and the tendency of the devil.

It feels dead. It was marked that character, especially Sofia, not quite interesting – season 1 relies too much on the “Moody Teen” trop that we are all used to.

But it’s not to say the story has no appointment.

Mortel leaves an audience with potential sizes to make season 2 useful. Apart from the Turkish series made a comeback two years later (we suspect Covid-19 has a hand in this case), the story returns quickly, and it feels far more established and formed.

This helps that the stakes are higher, and the authors stop teasing by the routine school. This time there is a serious effort to understand the strength held and to bring down Obé (God announced) once and for all. Season 2 feels reasonable, and there is a logic allegedly behind him.

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It’s not unusual for the complex story to shine brighter in the second season. Netflix is ​​dark in his inventory. It helps that Mortel Season 2 has a sofiane brother (subside), which surprisingly live in the final season 1. It adds to the layer with the story because the world of Luisa feels prominent – grandmother and désandan destined to protect the world against Obé. This means there is an introductory level of What subsidiaries represent.

Coupled with the increasing bet, the leading trio (Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa):

He had a sense of unity updated in season 2, which resonated with the audience. Their friendship group was once deliberately broken in the past season. That the thematic view of friendship and togetherness warmed nicely in a dark story.

The fact is, Mortel decides to make viewers care about mythology flowing through the story of the story. This no longer feels like Mish-mash from the plot point. But instead, has hidden purposes that the audience can live. This is not at all a “series of years”, but it is “Take and watch” on Netflix, especially only 6 chapters.

In November 2019, Netflix released the first season, which consisted of six episodes, from a new French Supernatural series known as “Mortel“. This series is centred around two friends, Sofiane (Carl Malapa) and Victor (Némo Schiffman). Whose life cannot be cancelled changes.

When they make an agreement with Voodoo God named Obé (Corentin Fila). Which will be given the magical power. To complete the murder of Sofiane’s brother Subside (Sami outabali). When the duo is overwhelmed by a string attached to a dark agreement. They found help in Luisa (Manon Bresch). A girl from their school practised Voodoo with her grandmother.

After using their new abilities to uncover the supernatural conspiracy in season 1:

Sofiane’s brothers suddenly returned to life, a true miracle. But sometimes you have to be careful about what you want. Because there are consequences for the choice of Sofiane and his friends. While the group thought that they had managed to get rid of Obé at the end of season 1. Unfortunately, they were wrong because Obé began to have a newly returned subsidy. And recruits other teenage troops under his influence.

In season 2, the first on Netflix on July 2, 2021, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa. They knew that they finally had to get rid of Obé once. And for all before he was able to build enough strength to walk alone. But will they be able to stop it without losing someone they love?

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To gather enough strength to finally lower Obé, Luisa passed her Voodoo initiation before joining Sofiane and Victor in the fight. In the last fight at school, the group was against Lakkey Obé before dealing with Obé in the lower body.

While subside could not control himself and push Obé himself, Luisa transferred ownership to Sofiane instead. They all agreed before, so when Sofiane struggled to postpone Obé, Victor got a knife to kill him. When Victor was hesitant, Sofiane helped him. And together they destroyed Obé once and for all (as far as we know).