Somos Review: A drama about cartel settings in a small town of Mexico

In 2011, DEA operations in the small border city of Mexico Allende were wrong, causing local cartels to establish a shop and began slaughtering the city’s population. New drama Somos. It was fiction on the period.

After explaining the Somos. Based on the true story of 2011:

We got a mountainous overview around Allende, Mexico, so we saw truck trucks driving on the road in the city. The trucks were full of city residents, who got weapons from the local authorities. Then went to the house where they kidnapped a woman, killed her parents and burned the house.

Three months earlier, Allende is a sleepy border city. Introduced several characters: Chema (Everardo Fuzate) celebrated three years of calm at an AA meeting. At the same time, his wife Irene (Iliana Donatlán) and Erika’s sister (Arelí González) visited their mother’s grave.

Hector (Amando Silva) disrupted a local prostitute named Flor Maria (Caraly Sanchez); Part of the payment is he must call his mother on one of the Burner Hector phones.

Hector’s business sells a burner cellphone to a cartel, and his wife hampers his daily life to take care of decorating their new home on the farm and with his younger brother Benjamin (Jero Madinah) had just moved.

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He also tried to get information from local food train vendors:

Mrs Chayo (Mercedes Hernández), which is not vulnerable to Snitching. Mrs Chayo worked on his basket every day while taking care of his grandson; His daughter Araciel (Natalia Martinez). Who worked at the Office of Erika Veterinary was pregnant for the second time. Thanks to her boyfriend Paquito, who was not so bright (Jesús Sida).

Erika was called by Anselmo (Roberto Montiel), a local breeder who was worried about his livestock; He found that a kind of synthetic agent poisoned them. Nancy (Jimena Pagaza) is an intelligent child who also plays on her high school soccer team as a kicker; He was friends with new players from a more urban district.

Somos (Yes, the period was part of the title), created by James Schamus and was written by Fernanda Melchor and Monika Revilla, and they both had fun with slow burns.

This event took time to establish the world in Allende; At the end of the first episode, we were not even sure if there was a cartel activity in a small border city. We know that Dea has a hunch on what happens, which should regulate the battle between the cartel and city residents.

But spending the first episode on building. The world is added value in the Somos case.

Schamus, Melchor and Revilla do an excellent job to show not telling when it comes to a myriad of character shows. There is more than what we explained for this, including the father of a new soccer player.

Not everyone gets the time they need to explain their story. But enough time, and we see more than enough in their actions, give us a good idea of how tight this community is.

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What we don’t see is how the cartel will disturb things. Hector is connected to the cartel, but how Dea’s involvement triggers a cartel to deny people in Allende will be revealed in the upcoming episode. But the stories of citizens are well established so that the attack’s impact will be more tragic.

Somos Perfect the character well, even though they have to serve so many of them. The couple with some fantastic cinematography around the Arid and Mountains around Allande. And you get a winner of a show.