‘Wolfgang’ ready to serve dishes on how Puck Wolfgang creates a celebrity chef

Ten years after David Meditative Jiro Dreams of Sushi, came Wolfgang. Which was more accessible, documenting a super chef Wolfgang puck trip. From a small town in Austria to run a vast culinary empire.

The documentary starts with the cheek to visit his sister, Christine, in Austria.

The troubled Puck relationship with his cruel stepfather was one reason he found safety and comfort in the kitchen. At the age of 14, Puck’s mother, pastry chef, made it a job at a restaurant.

His stepfather’s ridicule was enough to spur the boy. Puck peeling potatoes and cleaning the kitchen. One day in the middle of lunch, mashed potatoes ran out, and the chef shouted at Puck.

Asking him to leave and tell him that he was not good. Destroyed, Puck, however, back the next day, and even though the chef told him to leave. The restaurant owner gave him a job at another restaurant.

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“I learned that nothing is easy, but giving up is not an option,” Puck said. With the attraction for French cooking, 19-year head for France where he got a L’Oustau de Baumanière in Provence. After Chef Raymond Thuilier took the suggestion of pieces on the sauce, he became a chip mentor.

In old age, Puck moved to the United States in 1973.

Two years later, he worked at Maison Patrick Terrail in California. The Puck changed the restaurant’s fate by cooking simple food with fresh ingredients – serving California on a plate. Even though Terrailo was reluctant to make a pair of chips, he did not believe Puck does has something intresting to do with the restaurant’s success.

There are several ways, and the terroves say Puck will return to beg for work in three months. GADS The Young Chef to make SPAGO’s success, the restaurant he opened at Sunset Strip in 1982. Former wife and business Puck. Barbara Lazaroff, remember the adrenaline flow from that time.

Electricity did not come until 4 in the afternoon on the opening night, and items still nailed in place. Nothing is, of course, the most important and spaga is a success that does not meet the requirements. By causing the article to talk about “Manhattan Spago-Isuation” a year later.

Lazaroff talks about the inspiration behind the open spago kitchen, which carries the chef to the centre of attention. Work on his theatre experience. He made a spago stage and his star Wolfgang. Spago is an exquisite place to see and be seen. Always innovative, the visit by actor Joan Collins leads to the creation of smoked salmon pizza. And host television Johnny Carson packing a dozen pizza giving puck ideas to sell food.

Puck is the known as the official Caterer for the Academy Awards Governor of Ball:

Who encouraged Billy Crystal’s QIP while hosting Oscar, “The good news is that they have found Nemo, the bad news is he is in one of the Wolfgang Puck puff cakes!” Puck, Byron, also a chef, began as his father peeled potatoes at the age of 13 years.

Documentary, featuring interviews with friends, family commentators and food, is a linear story. There were no surprises, but that did not mean it was not thrilling. With all recordings of the food scene archives in America in the ’70s and ’01 add the right taste.

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As often happens, the effect of Puck on the chosen field tends to improve his personal quality. And while those interviewed include one super-agent, Michael Ovitz, may not have enough words about the talent of pieces to sell extraordinary that he is represented. Instead, we get anecdotes like Johnny Carson buying Spago pizza and freezing them. It is said that it gives the idea chef expanding into the frozen food business.

However, “Wolfgang” well shows how the name fundamentally impacts the world of cooking. Especially how the upscale food is felt – while carving a sweet enough life for himself in the process. For that only, it was worth watching, even if, as a documentary left, it lacked the main dish than the appetizer.