Cold Case Review: The police must first identify the victim to determine the motive and perpetrator

As the investigative thriller moves on two completely different proposals, but in parallel. ACP Sathyajith, played by Prithviraj, is faced with an almost faceless crime. If a skull is found in a discarded package.

The police must first identify the victim. To determine the motive and perpetrator. This makes for an exciting and unique space.

On the other hand, Aditi Balan, who plays Meda, a single mother and journalist specializing in paranormal stories, finds herself faced with a strange disturbance in her own life when she moves into a new house.

What does that have to do with the case the police are investigating? Viewers gain insight into the lonely lives of victims and destroyed homes through the pieces that police and Medha usually seek to solve together.

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Only in the end did the police officers and journalists meet, discuss the case and share their thoughts about the perpetrator.

Up until then, things had been pretty tense. Thanks not only to the red herrings that appeared. When a new character is mentioned by one of the main characters. But also to the captivating and downright creepy horror sequences at the film’s start.

Thrillers, and relatively normal nowadays, seem to be the genre of choice for Malayalam directors.

While cameraman-turned-director Tanu Balak moves the story. At a constant pace and people are excited to see what happens next, both stories don’t. Gels in this story written by Sreenath V Nath.

To quote what Satyajit said at the end, you tend to stick to logic or believe in outside forces, and it’s hard to combine the two, at least in this case. And there’s a touch of consistency to it.

Prithviraj plays his part in his usual impeccable style, and it seems almost ridiculous not to mention the decor. Almost too sheer by Malaysian standards. Still, the stylized physicist Aditi Balan does his part well.

With two eminent cameramen, Gireesh Gangadharan and Jomon T John. Where even the horror moments are “tasteful” and not overly high. Prakash Alex’s music feels just right too.

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While the excellent case is designed as a cinema version for maximum impact. It delivers the desired effect as streaming content. If you’re really in the mood for getting some gruesome investigative thrills.

This would be a great film to cool off with someone and guess what happens next. But it doesn’t offer the satisfaction of a clever gimmick.

Tanu packs a story with all the elements of a crime thriller, including Red Vulture.

However, they fall because the main character himself doesn’t care. Unravelling the climax feels like disappointment as the motives of the crime suddenly turn against the viewer.

Without the satisfying sharp thrill that a good thriller provides when your doubts solidify for confirmation. Guessing games are no fun if it’s just the on-screen characters making up everything. They have scripts, yep and using their inventions to create Powerpoint presentations from high school.

I’m also concerned about the film, which emphasizes the use of exorcists on mentally ill people. Assuming that it’s just a matter of faith.

Whether you buy the supernatural or not – and without considering the harm it poses to patients. Yes, it’s a long-standing horror convention. But it’s about time the director turned it into something a little more original.

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Cold Case is a decent debut and thriller that has a lot of work to do. In its current form, it’s fantastic. A person who is fond of the thriller mystery would love watching the series.