‘LKG’ Review: Some smart writing in this sarcasm at Meme’s culture and politics

RJ Balaji is smart. From marketing until the time of exemption to write, the brilliance of Jockey-Turn-Actor Balaji radio shines.

Step with filmmaking, LKG is more of a topical product and will be sold like a hot cupcake … for now. It still has to be seen if this film makes an impact after several years or works with someone who doesn’t know about Who is Bijili Ramesh.

LKG is based on trends on social media and full of Easter eggs.

From Vijay’s fans to PM Narendra Modi, everyone trolled, and it made LKG succeed. But this film does not only consist of this Easter egg. There is a story too convincing.

Lalgudi Karupiah Gandhi is a 29-year-old council member who is intelligent and intelligent on the streets. He is famous in his neighbourhood and belongs to the ruling party.

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Even a letter of recommendation from the office of the minister’s chairman demanded that a famous school in his area banished the seat. Still, the LKG made the Principal distribute five seats. He wasn’t too strong but knew the trade trick.

LKG doesn’t want to wait quite long to make it big in the politics. He wants it to happen now. The primary influence is his father, a failed politician.

Real-life politician Nanjil is brilliant with a role, and he doesn’t have to do much; Only appearing on the screen at the right time gave rise to laughter. His father did not inspire Gandhi but carefully built his life not to end up like his father.

So, the LKG knocks on the door of the corporate company:

Which will develop a strategy to help him get traction not only in his nation but throughout the state. There he met Sarala Munusmay, the hero of the woman (Priya Anandh).

Meanwhile, CM died in hospitals, and the ruling party was divided into two. One part supports Deputy CM Bojappan (Ramkumar) for the next cm and other troops with Ramraj Pandian (JK Rithesh). It sounds familiar? Of course. Now, LKG must use the opportunity for his benefit. He plays games Thrones and how!

One problem with LKG is its inconsistency. Sometimes, this film is roaming and caricature and suddenly begging you to think of it seriously. One minute Gandhi appeared as a serious young man and desperate, and the next time he went around being ‘Rj Balaji’. However, good tone, according to the actor well.

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Coming to the show, RJ Balaji just played for his strength.

He didn’t do things just because he was the hero of the film. He brilliantly escaped from doing things that finally made him laugh. Priya Anand, like Sarala, did not have much to be travelled even though she played an important role. He looks stiff and can come up with some more expressions.

Leon James music helps this film very. Ethan Kaalam is emathuvaar suitable for film tones and not used freely. In addition, background scores cannot be better for this political satire.

The point is LKG is fun but is equipped with an expiration date.

This is a cunning film in that sense. At the same time, realize the rules, and even when playing by them, showing their disapproval. It takes a preliminary scene of the ordinary hero – from him praying to the god for a noble future, but there is a twist.

He is not a hero, and they are not gods – just the opposite. There was a male sentiment angle, but there was a twist – he didn’t idolize it; quite the opposite again.

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The author at RJ Balaji Smart realize the film is likely not to survive from the corner of love, and so, while he signalled one (and sneaked a little song), he came out quite quickly.

He knew it was the same as the order of acrobatics; He dragged suspicious weapons similar to those used in Kaththi, but, yes, you guessed it; It didn’t end well for him. There is one more ordinary box that he checks, but it’s also a subversion – we will come back later.