“Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” Review: True Crime Investigation Netflix explores the murder of Sophie Toscan du Peanteers in Rural Irish

Sophie: A murder in West Cork is a documentary of 3 parts. About the December 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan du Peantier.

A citizen of France who has a vacation home in the small city of Schull, in the West Cork area of ​​Ireland. It was a surprising event for several reasons. One of them is that the murder did not occur in Schull.

But the second reason is that he is the wife of French film producer Daniel Toscan du Pantier.

Remote Irish City shot in Schull. The bar owner talked about how Sophie Toscan du Peantier. It will come to the bar first every time he was in town.

The first episode of the series, directed by John Dower, set how and why Du Peantier likes to visit West Cork and why he bought the house to escape from the spotlight of marriage with a famous producer.

But it also prepared how sleepy Schull and how the local guard (the name for the Irish police department) and the Federal Garda agent investigated this case.

Police organized the entire city and managed to narrow the list of suspects. But as much as this series about this case, it was also about a local reporter, Ian Bailey. Who had moved to the city in the 80s, which was a resource for local angles in this case?

But a telephone call from a woman who reported someone stalked Du the night plaeness of his death. The report, called under a fake name, will reverse the case; Kasing does not resolve up to 2020.

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Sophie’s first episode: The murder in Western cork:

It plays more or less like just about the documentary of other true crimes you have seen in recent years. Ruddy police remember investigations from the past decade. The story of how evidence is collected and how things like technology DNA analysis are not as sophisticated as now. Background of victims of friends and relatives.

It was all the standard things, served with news recordings and an excellent shot of the city of Schull beach. Then we find out who the anonymous caller is, and who witnessed by the stalkers he witnessed, and our eyes and ears gained.

Of course, if you have gone and staring at this case now, you know that Bailey, which is byline on dozens of articles about the investigation, became the main suspect. The French court even punished him in Absentia in 2019, but the Irish High Court refused to extradite Him.

The rest of the episode is likely to be beyond how he connected:

With DU Plantion and how witnesses, Marie Farrell, came to see him the night of the murder. Given the fact that it is only a 3-section series, we wonder how 25 years of history, in this case, will be borne in two other episodes, but no one connected to the series will be accused of stretching things to fill time.

Because of the twist at the end of the first episode and relative curiosity of the series, watching Sophie: A Murder in Western cork must be worth the time.

It gave us a round portrait of Sophie himself and concentrated on the echo lost around the family and attempts to bring Bailey to justice because the family saw it.

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I know it is an Ireland stereotype (but sometimes for a reason), but the villagers gave the account of the lyrics that were not shy from Sophie and after her terrible death. With their help, the film made him live again, the presence in the story more than the most intended to both their types usually manages. And some, of course, try a little to remember the victim at all.

Suppose the film does not have a surprising revelation and dive into an investigation. As seen in the echelon to report the actual crime. In that case, he must find his place as sensitive and moving efforts to sketch horror lines and sadness. It was also – especially for women’s viewers – a terrible reminder that you are not safe anywhere. If they want, the wolf will go down the mountain. They will find you – but you think you.