Andhaghaaram Movie Review: This film has a complex story structure looping from one point to another without a certain format

The film starts with the order of people who do some terrible things. One of the patients from Indrans (Kumar Natarajan), a famous psychologist, pulled the trigger on the doctor. Indians survived the attack, but he lost his ability to speak. But found his voice again with the help of a talking aid.

And then, there is a blind librarian whose name is Selvam.

He is a kind-hearted working-class guy who went about the day. By helping other people finding books in the government managed library.

Well, there is more for him than filling the eyes. He is also ‘medium.’ In other words, he is a courier between dead and living people. This is a part-time performance, something he inherited from his father, who also died.

Now, he doesn’t have anyone except his father’s brother. Who lives under a different identity because the reason is not revealed.

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Then we meet Vinod (Arjun Das), a cricket coach, tormented soul. We did not learn anything about him as a person unless he had a boyfriend who always nagged.

Who didn’t seem to have a real intimacy or worries about his welfare. He consistently underestimates the problem. No wonder he is not the one to be called Vinod at an emergency.

V Vignarajan’s Andhaghaaram, the direct debut that is kind is good. It is a thriller that depends on creating a mood but rarely jumps fear. This is one reason why this film works and makes the most exciting watch. By staying away from the usual tricks of trading, most of which are associated with a supernatural genre.

This film is a lightning course in understanding the art of building mood to make an unfortunate watch experience. Apart from the film’s length (almost three hours). Andhaghaaram made someone stay connected with a spectacular visual and innovative sound design.

This story follows four strange characters and the connections between them.

Vinod (Arjun Das), a failed Cricketer, Selvam (Vinoth Kishan), a librarian who challenged visually. With some of the magical power, Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran). A teacher for blind people and Dr Indran (Kumar Natarajan).

A psychiatrist, lane Cross and their lives are under some supernatural influences. When the story tries to uncover the connection and mystery between these characters. We are interested in visually attractive tales that create a unique world.

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You are writing vignarajan – although complex for the most part – which makes Andhaghaaram an experience to enjoy. Instead of making a fascinating story, Vignarajan focuses on making moments and scenes that impact viewers better.

If you rate the film scene with the scene, you are almost sure it’s perfect. And not too jammed with a twisted climax. That is a little underwhelming. Vignarajan is an exciting talent and people who want to conflict with grains to prove their v goods. When most thrillers are built on jump scars. Vignarajan believes in creating more experience than anything.

Casting is at the point, which is the other main reason why the film does not disappoint. Vinoth Kishan when the blind librarian wins you with reliable performance. As a viewer, you buy helplessness to save his father’s property. Arjun Das, after Kaithi, returned with another impressive action.

As a lonely and failed cricket, he excelled in bringing aggressiveness and his character’s vulnerability convincingly. Pooja Ramachandran and Kumar Natarajan also shone in their respective roles.

Visually, Andhaghaaram is in a different league at all.

The technical crew deserves special praise to make each scene stand out aesthetically. So you go to Marvel on the screen. The film left a very striking sign with visuals and the design of his voice. In theatres, it will make experiences even more enjoyable. However, it is still a film thriller that marks the arrival of filmmakers.

Andhaghaaram felt instead in a hurry. The convenience and clarity that Vignarajan moved the story ahead of the beginning disappeared towards the end.

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It feels amazing with a flood of revelation that Vignarajan sucks an audience. To make it difficult for the audience to keep up with what happened. But, Andhaghaaram is still a reasonable effort, given the complexity of the concept.