Operation Java movie review: It is not the smartest thriller, but has emotional sustainability

Of course, weird to call Thriller ‘charming’. But operation java, which has a theatre release in Kerala in February this year, now streaming on Zee5, breaks with the thriller genre convention easily. You need time to mess up what films do you watch?

In his heart are two friends Antony George (Vararhese) and Vinay Dasan (Lukman Avaran).

Both of them have completed their b-tech, considering many mug-saliva tests. However, like many young men who have engineered engineering educated in the marketing market, they find themselves unemployed or half unemployed.

They want a stable job, feasible for decades of pain bearing burning and concepts into their memories. This work is both to secure ourselves financially and emotionally. To prove to others that they have value and prove to themselves that they can realize the value they have ever imagined.

They are intelligent, intuitive, and able to use their knowledge of technology and metadata analysis to do good. They found reasons around the premature piration controversy.

Cyber ​​Kochi cells have removed the case because of their suspects in New Zealand, where piracy is not illegal. But both Antony and Vinay walked to their office, noting evidence that the original illegal flow came not from New Zealand but Kerala.

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Thus it starts the first of the three significant pursuits throughout the 2.5-hour film. The pursuit is always winding, turning a suspect to the next. The pursuit often surrenders themselves in more than 5 suspects. And each suspect is visited, interrogated, and used to mine the next step.

The first victory of this film is that this movement never feels tiring or repetitive. Every suspect visited feels like the last suspect, and when they get more information, the next suspect feels like the last suspect.

It is written strictly to produce doubts at each step. Packaged into an economic order by editing clear eyes, liquid cinematography and background scores showing off.

Antony has a song of love for the foreground narrative (with the only presence of a woman who looms in the film):

This type of logical economy writing that you know organized and discussed on the board. The camera sometimes dances, shows its flexibility. Still, its annoying attraction is limited to scenes where not much happens.

Like a 360-degree tracking shot when Antony and Vijay are introduced to all cyber cells, with cameras. Which seem to move through gaps. The small gap in Lattik to close the dance-loops.

There are two other investigations – each more severe than the previous one, the first financial fraud, then murder. The development of evil is also intentional. It starts with piracy that hurts money in his pocket.

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The discussion here is not about innocent people who cheat on their craft and money, but about how the Malayalam industry may colour to ensure the premature does not damage Drishyam’s record.

The second crime is scamming innocent people and class workers outside their money. The third crime is to deceive innocent people from their lives. Antony and Vinay, you hope, it will be a staple in cyber cells.

For the sake of Mother Antony, who has raved through the entire city. For the sake of Antony, who needs a permanent job to prove to his lover’s father that he can provide a safe future. For the sake of Antony, who grew disappointed with the ability.

These are more minor investigations – like a partner whose wife’s face is inserted on a pornographic clip.

That is sailing through a sharp circulatory system on the internet. Like parents who give OTP to strangers and lose 60,000. Like an old woman who loses the debit card, he also wrote his pin.

Like a young man who wrote about Instagram. He and his mother would go to Goa while someone licked his clean house.

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There are strange comedy times – an old man has a password 123456. And in some scenes, we have a boy’s password like MotherF*cker123. If the generation gap is nothing, this is this.

Among these more minor investigations and stories of friends, film plots together. With every new investigation, feel like part of an anthology. It seems very little except for the leading players that connect it. This film has emotional sustainability that does not allow. The time to run for a long time, or the story gap feels heavy.