Ek Mini Katha Movie Review: Story of an engineer

In Ek Mini Katha, it all started when a seventh-grader looked at his friend’s private parts, and they all asked in the school toilet, “Why is your p*nis so small?” Now, the boy treats his friend to his urine. Understandably, I was shocked and confused by the assessment.

He is making the right decision, asking his father for clarification. When the boy came back from school, he told his father that it was strange that he was a university professor and I had a question. “The father is happy to help, but only if his problem involves math, science, or social issues.

When the child said, “I doubted my underwear, he lost it and gave it to him.

This is the seventh doubt. The degree remains unresolved even after growing up. She fought all aspects of his life and then went on. Torturing him, Santosh Shoban, who was in his early twenties, suffered from small p*nis syndrome.

He exaggerated the size of his p*nis. He is a very successful person with a good, high-paying job, but he is not happy because he associates his self-esteem with the size of his p*nis.

Rookie director Kartik Rapolu and screenwriter Merlapaka Gandhi have relevant and compelling themes in Ek Mini Katha. Both men came up with a movie that provided real laughter and some unexpected comedy twists.

Unfortunately, this is what the movie can provide. They laughed at some jokes about a fairly common complaint. The size of the p*nis between men. You hope that the filmmaker will take you into the protagonist’s thought space later, but that will never happen.

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In the second half, the film becomes very versatile. Everyone wants to have s*x, but no one. Our tendency to succumb to it, and the stigma and stigma that follow, deprive children of the most basic and essential knowledge, significantly reducing their teenage years. Awkward.

The filmmakers did not discuss the real issues at the core of the film but merely tried to instill a sense of humor through the most important misconceptions about size.

The filmmakers also forgot their relationship with Amruta, the protagonist played by Kavya Tapar. A smart and independent girl represents Amruta. However, after getting married, she disappeared from daily housework, and the protagonist fell into her pain.

Then there was the charming, weed-loving tune played by Shraddha Das. It is designed to attract and distract visually. Because the filmmakers have no substantive or suggestive content.

Santosh Shoban is a civil engineer struggling with the size of his unit.

He thought he was small, tried to find a solution. And then agreed to the p*nis enlargement surgery. But did not complete it. His father is married to Santosha and Amruta (Kavya Thapar).

But he is not ready for family life. What follows and how to find a solution to the problem. From the rest of the Ek Mini Katha story.

Santosh Shoban is at his best, his body language and dialogue are impressive, and he handles comedy and emotions well. The heroine Kavya Tapar responds well to her character and looks cute on the screen.

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The comedy of Sudarshan and Saptagiri is worth mentioning. As the hero’s father, Bramhaji (Bramhaji) excels in comedy. Ek Mini Katha did the same.

Ek Mini Katha’s story is exciting and impressive, but the narrative is not that compelling. Manufacturing value is the first class of the concept of ultraviolet light. The camera works very well. Under the direction of the director, Kartik Rapolu performed well in the film. Despite its cheeky content, this movie looks quite impressive. 2 hours and 13 minutes Ek Mini Katha seems too long.