Nayae Peyae Movie Review: When your abducted guest turns to be a ghost

It seems like there is no end to the interest in the horror-comedy between Tollywood filmmakers. Although the genre carried out to death is considered a safe bet between the makers and items that can sell among viewers, many films made extraordinary films in the past, testing viewers’ patience.

Nayae Peyee is the latest Tamil film that will make in the genre. Although the makers have not included several cliches that we regularly encounter in this genre, which is a great relief, unusual plots and the process do not involve us.

Karna (Dinesh) and three friends, who earned money with minor theft: 

They decided to go further – they planned to kidnap Karina (Aishwarya), obsessed with creating a strange world record for ransom. They managed to run the plan and took him to their home. However, a little they knew that Karina was a ghost when she died some time ago. The humour and surprise element fell flat until later. After that, the plot took an unexpected turn where added romantic songs between the Spirit of the Kararna and Karina. What should be an emotional path, then proceed to tire. Thanks for the strange ideas. Swivel the climax also turned out to be unattractive.

Aishwarya and Aishujalam performances Murugadoss helps the film to some extent, while Dinesh and the others are fine in their respective roles. A plot that has coverage for a decent pleasure occurs to be the one taken away because of monotonous sequences and over-the-top ideas.

Nayae Peyae (2021) Drama Tamil Romance is on the big screen starting today. Films threw, and crew are familiar faces, but new combo for viewers.

The title of the film itself carries strange thoughts that say ghosts and dogs. 

The film title triggers viewers and increases curiosity to find out what the film said. The prominent leader was played by Master Dinesh dance which had debuted at the Kathai Kuppa Oru. He has been specializing in many Vijay films, namely Shanjahan (2001), Bigil (2019), Master (2021), Villu (2009), Bhagavathi (2002), and Youth (2002).

Other hit films whose choreography is Anbe Sivam (2003), Entire (2010), Mr Local (2019), Giri (2004), Ghajini (2005), Kazhugu (2012), Jithan (2012). He received a national film award of 58 for the best choreographers for film ‘aadukalam’ and Filmfare awards for the best dance choreographers for film ayan (2009). Twice he received the Vijay Award for the best choreographer for Pokkiri (2007).

Another significant role was handled by Kejaji Shinde, Aishwarya, and A. Rurugadoss. This film is mixed with romance, horror, love, and emotion. The hero falls in love with the ghost even after knowing that he is the Spirit. Nayae Peyae (2021) Sakthi Vasan directed Tamil’s film under the Editor banner Gopi Krishna and Dr Revathi Rangaswamy. NR Ragunathan Tunes Music with Niranchader cinematography.

Harish Reddy does the editing section and Sakthi Vasan’s lyrics pen. The film co-director is V.Senthil Kumar, and the production manager is Askar Ali. It is recommended to watch movies in theatres to appreciate the efforts of the cast and crew. The piracy platform will not provide a complete nuance of horror to be enjoyed.