Second wave has not ended, warning the government’s main advisor

Covid’s second wave, which caused the number of unprecedented infections in March-April, not yet ended, the government warned today, urging people to continue to follow prevention such as avoiding crowds and wearing masks.

“The war is not over,” VK Paul said, who headed the government Covid task force, told the press conference chaired of the Ministry of Health Union. “The second wave is not over. There is still danger. It is important to continue to follow the Covid protocol to close the second wave completely,” he added.

At the briefing, played the video of an immense crowded crowd at Kempty Falls Mussarae. Visuals of tourist attractions are “serious causes”, and the negligence causes the virus to spread, the government said. “Isn’t it an open invitation to viruses to infect us,” asking Lav Agarwal, a joint secretary at the Ministry of the Health and family welfare? High officials said they had not carried out the country with a second surge and “we need introspection if we can afford the wrong belief that Covid-19 is over.”

According to the government, 66 districts reported an assortment of more than 10 percent on Thursday.

Most cases are now reported from Maharashtra and Kerala. “Fifty-three percent of these cases come from Maharashtra and Kerala. Maharashtra (21%) and Kerala (32%). There are 86 districts with less than 100 cases of everyday. Eighty percent of new cases come from 90 districts. – Showing The need for attention focuses on these fields, “Agarwal said.

A strong warning by dropping someone’s guard even when most Indians emerge from tight locking, the government shows that some countries, including Britain, Russia and Bangladesh, witnessed a surge in infection.

“In the UK, during the Euro 2020 match, a sudden surge in the case was observed. During the second wave peak, 59,000 cases were recorded in the UK. Now the surge has been observed there. England reported 20,000 cases every day on average,” he said. The current country reported 43,393 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, down from more than 400,000 in May.

Belgium recognizes the covid vaccine made in India.

Health officials just said more than half of the new Covid-19 infections were reported from the southern state of Kerala and the western state of Maharashtra, with the Ministry of Health worked with countries to control the spread of infection.

Kerala on Thursday reported 13,772 cases of Covid-19. It had seen the number of daily cases increased in the last three days, pushing their health minister to warn that cases would not decrease if they did not follow safety protocol. But health experts say an uptick recently in the number of Kerala is not enough to point to the trend and can be associated with better testing and search facilities.

“The average moving seven days has begun to move up in the past few days, but it must be a consistent increase trend to make me worry,” said Rijo John, a professor at Rajagiri College of Science Sciences in the south of Kochi City. The country’s vaccination drive has also slowed, with less than a tenth of 950 million adult populations that meet the requirements fully vaccinated so far, two months after the federal government opened inoculation for all adults. India provides an average of 3.7 million doses a day this week, similar to last week.