Cat People Review: This is not a portrait of some of the one-toothed hoarders who gather cats

Cat People, documented six parts developed by Glen zipper (dogs), check six different people who not only love cats but have made their lives in a way that includes cats.

First is Moshow, “Cat Rapper”, who has made a living through a viral video that displays at least one of the five cats he shares with his wife, M.c. in their Portland house.

Moshow (aka Dwayne Molock) grew in projects in Baltimore:

With a single mother, and she praised “being a nerdy saved my life”. He didn’t want to run with his friends, and when he was fine in high school.

He assured his mother to move out of town, so he had a better chance to grow. He never has a pet as a child. Not until he met M.c. In college (where he went for the title of information service), and was introduced to his family’s cat that he fell in love – with M.c. And cats.

They moved to Portland to expand their artistic opportunities. He tried to more about his experience but found him tapping his cats. He then began making videos for Facebook and YouTube.

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Featuring all his cats, from the adorable Lil Parmesan to his non-haired cat and Megaman queen haired. He has a black cat named Savage Black and a cat named DJ Ravioli; DJ skin condition means he showered, and Moshow’s video tapping with DJs became viral a few years ago.

Another episode displays a woman who runs “Circus Cat”, an artist who makes a 3D cat portrait. A couple who started a cat people in Syros. A cat that surfs with humans, and someone who raises money for the cat in need.

The cats are sweet shows because filmmakers direct every episode. Which not only love cats but love people who have and care for them.

What they showed to the audience was not a group of “crazy caters”; They showed a cat’s lover who not only dedicated their lives to their cats but somehow made their livelihood cat. The stories are positive and show how profiled people have overcome difficulties. And continue to plug in caring for their cats and show it to the world.

Samantha Martin, who has a fantastic Circus Acro-Cats, must overcome cancer:

The interior of the tour bus was cheated separately by a friend who promised to fix it. And the covid pandemic killed many of their tour schedules. But as long as she took care of the cat.

Samantha hoped she could go ahead and go out on the road immediately. The cat undoubtedly gives him a favourable view; You can see the same joy in Moshow when he raps about his different cat.

They portray full of love, and it shows loved cats. And in the case of Martin, even trained to do pleasant things. If the zipper designs the show to get “Awww” and “how to cut”, he certainly has achieved what he did.

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While this series is considered TV-14, mainly because of language:

We can see children loving cats 8 and up to enjoy this show. Cat people, each of them. All funny, all fun, even if they all look like staring at anything but their people. Does it sound like we are ready to run out and adopt one?

Intro inserted a cat into a historical record of things like the moon landing and the round of Princess Diana. It’s funny, but it can cause you to press “Pass Intro” after the third or fourth episode. The combination of cats and cute owners. Who love them builds their lives around them. Making cats become a touching show.