We the People Review: Despite our main purpose, people are to introduce children to the basics of citizenship, series

I have never watched Greenhouse rock or free to be you and me, educational projects that make Cris Nee Creator quoted as an inspiration for us Netflix people. I also did not experience citizenship lessons so interactive and so hip as students. Learning is strictly limited to the prescribed ncert textbooks and uncomfortable. Extended classrooms where the teacher traces without stopping.

The trailer of this new Netflix program, supported by Obama, must have agreed to my curiosity.

Nee harvests the combined strength of music and animation to educate and entertain. The main objectives of us are to introduce children to the basics of citizenship and instil a sense of patriotism. And even though 5-minute songs can only deliver limited information, this series has scope to explore more.

R & B Musician H.E.R. sang about “active citizenship” in the first episode and how individual contributions can make a difference. The accompanying video shows a young black woman. On the outskirts of the city who is not good at improving the community.

His efforts to voluntarily, petitions and protests, bear seeking, confirming songs and animations. This is the most inspiring and exciting sketch of visually after the poet Amanda Gorman. “The Miracle of Morning”, a poem about brotherhood, unity, and solidarity in a difficult time, concludes the series. Janelle Monae reaffirms the same message in “stronger.”

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In his trademark pop-rock mode, Adam Lambert jumped through various Bill of Rights that the U.S. Constitution guarantees its citizens. Brandi Carlisle took the Rock People’s route in “Talk to your mind”. A song about the first amendment to promise speeches and differences of opinion.

Regardless of the moments that can be taught by the song, the lyrics. “There is only one wall built with wisdom / it’s a wall. Between the church and the country”, doesn’t match me. There is something strange about lyrics and imaging with it, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Bebe Rexha handles the subject of immigration:

And their race can come to settle in the U.S. This video features animated caricatures of Padma Lakshmi (representing India). Eddie van Halen (Netherlands), Albert Einstein (Germany), and so many others. The song did not have many substances.

It only said that yes, the U.S. is a melted cultural pot and that we will all be a happy big family. The memory of the exclusive Trump immigration policy is still fresh even though Joe Biden Administration revoked it.

For many people, their struggle is easy to quickly in American society. This episode is also easily sliding about how complex getting citizenship. It is only by stating that taking an oath and giving the tests needed to make wounds.

Corcae Raps with taxes, their interests and how important they are to protect the country so as not to mess. Say the amount is smart.” But later, India was third in its military expenditure last year.

Hamilton’s taste was brought to “three branches of government”:

As Lin Manuel Miranda, Digrs Daveed, Alabama Shakes vocalist Brittany Howard. And the writer of the Christian frozen song Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez distinguish between the legislature, executive and justice. It’s complex, chaotic and hurt concepts, which can be confusing for younger audiences.

Andra Day’s “All rest” aims to explain the function of justice, but the song is not so much information. But Daron Nefcy’s animation captures how different assessments – some are large, some monumental history. Along the U.S. has affected social, political and cultural landscapes.

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We are trying to convey the basics of citizenship lessons without taking any side. Do not provide a context of whether the law is enforced correctly. Whether the court provides an unbiased assessment. Whether fundamental rights protect the U.S. citizens. Because recurrent news media coverage does not inspire much optimism as carried out by the series.