Mohanagar Review: The drama is slow and hampered by the story damage

The Hoichoi Mohanagar series by Ashfaque Nipun revolves around the incident that lasts more than seven hours in the Dhaka police station one night.

Eight episodes that bite nails not only succeeded in re-creating real-time these events but also keeping the audience glued on the screen thanks to a strong show, confusing bends and well-written dialogues and entertaining.

When the series began, the audience is introduced to OC Harun (Mosharraf Karim):

A police officer who smoothly manipulated the scene of the crime to continue his own interests. While Moloy Kumar’s sub-inspector (Mostafizur Noor Imran), Aaron who dedicated Minded Junior. Especially in the case of someone accused of entering without permission.

When the series slowly began to expose weaknesses in the system, Afnan Chowdhury (Shamol Mawla). The son of an industrialist had a strong influence. It will be picked up by the police in the case of Hit-and-Run.

Whether it’s really an accident or murder remains a mystery because the crime scene is presented. From various perspectives at various points while keeping the audience in the dark to the end.

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Afnan’s father immediately arranged to ensure that Harun handled the case. Without Afnan had to seek the help of a lawyer. However, Harun was not satisfied only by obeying the dictates of the strong. Nipun has written Aaron’s character with the aim of not only confusing other characters but also viewers.

This series plot does not develop linearly. While the sub-plot of Afnan was the main, Mohanagar also followed Abir Hassan (Khairul Bashar). An unfavourable individual was detained by Harun without a clear reason. And Kaiser (Nasir Udin Khan) a regular visitor to prison.

Nipun deserves credit to introduce truly gray and deep character.

While Nipun knows how to give every actor that is enough space. It is the Mostarraf Karim who ordered the attention every second he was on the screen.

His eyes all spoke and dramatic changes were fast. In sound modulation and body language making. A truly entertaining viewing experience.

Both Aaron and Kaiser use some phrases and stock expressions, but they never appear repeated or boring. Nasir Uddin Khan is another strong actor who made his presence felt in a relatively minor role.

At the same time, Shamol Mawla did justice for his character from a special spoiled boy. Who did not think twice before considering each individual around him? Imran changes naturally from shy sub-inspectors into law enforcers. It determined to save innocent people.

Both Zakia Bari Mamo, as an assistant commissioner of the police station, and Basar provides consistent performance.

Camerawork Hossain Hossain Hossain fully transports us. In the mysterious environment of the police station. Which is a character for himself. The cinematography also captures characters in their elements, constantly running inner battles and carrying out hoaxes.

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HM Sohel editing sometimes looks rather in a hurry:

It doesn’t allow the audience to enjoy a sudden bend, especially in the end. The background score of Nirob’s background strengthens the underlying serial tension.

Until the last episode, this series takes viewers on the edge of their seats; And after a certain revelation, it creates anticipation with the promise of the season. Nipun has delivered a serious but entertaining drama rooted in reality and spicy. In his direction of power politics and a loophole-loophole system.

Narration also hamperes by an erratic storytelling method.

One minute, ACP ordered the police medical team to do blood alcohol tests on AFNAN; The next minute, he asked him to leave, the blood test completely forgot. Even though ACP knew nothing about Abir, who was kept in prison because of the crime he did not commit.

Other sequences are equally flabbergasting. Father Afnan Alamgir Chowdhury randomly told him that he would have lived in the police station. Until now because Rizwan’s troops waited outside and would not leave him. Rizwan, whoever he is, just mentioned out of the blue.

While the lazy and erratic made Mohanagar feel like slow and slow infidelity of up to five first episodes. A short 20-minute runtime per episode is the grace of austerity in the first half of the show.

However, the narrative took towards the end of the fifth episode and ranging from the clip quickly from there. The last three episodes are the best of the series.

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Interestingly, the entire sequence of events in the story took place in one night. There is even a twist, in the end, leaving the show open for season 2.