Khwabon Ke Parindey Review: Funny, witty gen z drama which can be enjoyed by all

All said, ‘Khwabon Ke Parindey‘ is not enough to dip in the story to get an emotional or strong relationship with the audience. Instead, this is a simple show about friendship, bond, travel, conflict, and unforgettable moments.

Making it an easily windy watch.

Three friends, Bindiya (Asha Negi), Megha (Moghe Manasi), and Dixit (Mrinal Dutt), have completed their studies and will begin a journey called life. Before they separated, they traveled land from Melbourne to Perth to live before they bid for every other separation.

Along the way, they took a Hitchhiker, Akash (Tushar Sharma). The road trip proved to be a catharsis by its way for each of them when they learned to face their fear and grow in the true sense of the Word.

Before returning to his hometown, Bindiya (Asha Negi) wanted to travel from Melbourne to Perth with two Best-Mega (Moghe Manasi) and Dixit (Mrinal Dutt). Along the way, they met Hitchhiker Aakash (Tushar Sharma), and the adventure was waiting for these people to start.

Land travel genres are always charming because they are usually about internal characters, which can be connected. ‘Khwabon Ke Parindey‘ is also around three friends and strangers they meet throughout their journey.

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Bindiya Mathur, a brave person with a cheerful attitude:

That will soon fly from Melbourne to his Maldo Hometown (a suburb of North Mumbai) to be with his family. Before returning to the real world, Bindiya intended to travel with his best friends.

Meghna Kapoor, who would get married and did not have a big dream in life. And Dixit Gote, an unconscious and straightforward person who was ready to take over his father’s business.

They joined Aakash Sharma, a Jenaca Hitchhiker who was on his way of travel and liked to collect coins to remember his deceased father. From there, they started a road trip to solve their problems and challenges while preparing for life.

This six-section series, directed jointly by Tapasvi Mehta and Amandeep Ahluwalia, focused on developing friendship between passengers and foreigners on the ship. It’s easy for viewers to empathize with the three protagonists. Who not only use their journey.

But also have an underlying unsafe and anxiety about what is in front of them. Many Bollywood films, such as ‘Dil Chahta Hai,’ ‘Zinggi Na Milegi Dobara,’ and ‘Yeh Jawaanii Hai Deeherani.’ Have a similar concept.

But here, the author (Tapasvi Mehta, Chirag Ratna Singh, and Amandeep Ahluwalia) Have to Write it in a way they have a little to deliver through the plot. However, Archit & Smit and Rajarshi Sanyal provide some upbeat music to accompany stories.

In the end, it is a scenario and dialogue (by Aarsh Vora) which makes you interested.

Even though this series moves with stagnant steps, it has its unique moments that viewers will definitely like. In addition, cinematography (by Bernard Winter) is centered on local locations in Australia, with beautiful catching overall vibrations of events. It will captivate you to visit these locations in the future.

Like Bindiya, Asha Negi is convincing. However, the character is complex, blunt, and animal parties, sometimes sailing. Dixit Mrinal’s portrait, trapped in a 9-5th work culture but aspires to become a musician, is just charming.

Moghe’s Manasi has done work with Meghna, and the opposite side of his personality is funny. The depiction of Tushar Sharma about Aakash’s knowledge, which aspires to become a writer, is fantastic.

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All said, ‘Khwabon Ke Parindey’ is not enough to dip:

In the story to get an emotional or strong relationship with the audience. Instead, this is a simple show about friendship, bond, road trip, conflict, and unforgettable moments, making it an easy-windy watch.