Broken But Beautiful 3 Review: It is a play on the title of a much-adored Hollywood sentiment

A character said: “Your drama is endless.” Nothing can describe Rumi (Sonya Rati) and Agasia (Siddharth Shukla) like a conversation. After exploring the two seasons of Samira (Harleen Sethi) and Vikram Massey, “Will: They Are Not Them,” season 3 of “Broken but Beautiful,” Alt Balaji tells what I have experienced.

The story of the most unhealthy relationship on screen.

Consider the actor’s hair so that it doesn’t look “good enough” or take off someone else’s lipstick before the show. Think twice.

Yes, he is still a smoker because he is an “artist,” so he drinks cheap alcohol directly from the bottle. She is a poor and rich girl. And her elegant father reminded her. That she doesn’t always do this. Choose pink macaroons because there are also blue macaroons.

She has fallen in love with Ishan (Ehan Bhat) all her life, and she believes that this love is her personality. If he were not going to “catch” Ishan, Rumi would hardly have it until she found her name as an actress.

When the worlds of Rumi and Agastya collide. Their chemical reactions are instantaneous. And the graph is saturated.

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During the first s*xual intercourse, the sanctuary said they wanted to vomit and must vomit. Like Mare’s ubiquitous brown Wawa coffee in Easttown, all kinds of alcohol are an indispensable part of Broken But Beautiful Agastya, and she drinks it when she is sad and not sad. Rumi overcomes. His mother provided him with breakfast wine, and Ishaan helped him drink. The first one in the morning after the showdown.

As the season progresses, the toxicity between the two increases. He believed that she knew what she needed in life and controlled everyone around her. Someone reminded Agastia that “a girl like Rumi” would not end with a man like him, so she decided to become more like Ishan, to smile on his face.

They seem to be together only when they are making a play together.

But those moments are fast, and most importantly, you need these two to distinguish many miles. This season’s storyline and script are from Shazia Malik and Sharifa Roy, who has made some formulaic, engaging, and downright suspicious choices for their characters. Rumi is surrounded by a group of girlfriends who stabbed him back. Because God forbids women to raise other women.

Agastya’s friend and colleague Fara (Tania Kalra) attracts women but can usually resolve this detail. And Agastya forbids Rumi from entering his system. It may also be because he is an alcoholic, so he drank beer shampoo (! Radhika Anand’s dialogue (also known for the script) has “cunt”, “whore”.

When they do not swear, the falsely accented people are called “friends” and “brothers”. And are labeled in their inner monologues. #CheugyShukla. For performing performances like Balika Vadhu and Dil Se Dil Tak Famous. With the digitization of “Broken but Beautiful 3“, the actor’s reputation has undoubtedly soared with his work and the home win of Bigg Boss last year and the show’s screenwriter. Their dialogue quoted him. Unrealistic, possible It’s because his character lacks depth. Rookie Rati is full of incredible character, and she obeys. If the character is like that, I doubt if I don’t have to write this work.

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I can survive The script for the ten seasons.

Like the previous two seasons, “Broken but Beautiful 3” features outstanding original music by Amaal Mallik, Akhil Sachdeva, Vishal Mishra, and Sandman. One of the highlights of this season is the brief cameo by Cesi and Messi, who seem to have gone downhill. Unfortunately, this reminds me of the improvement in storytelling in the first two seasons.

An episode is broadcast every 30 minutes. This season to pay tribute to the beloved Hollywood. On a romantic night, love occurred, all other drugs. Including the eternal sunshine of the unprotected mind. Which seemed to be a problem. That plagued “Broken but Beautiful 3” . This is an attempt to tell modern love stories and nostalgia. But, as Rumi Agastya said on the first day of rehearsal, “soul nahin hai.”