Ray Review: A handful of excellent performers in Netflix’s irreverent but inconsistent anthology, based on Satyajit Ray’s short stories

It is one thing to adapt the work of the author. But this is a different ball game to adapt the work of the author. He also happens to be one of the most famous filmmakers of all time.

Ray, the new Netflix series, is based on the short story of Satyajit Ray. Just as uneven as other anthologies of streamers. And it is not surprising. It is a natural suspect that stands out.

Unlike Ajeeb Daastaansis recently, which is presented as a feature film told in four chapters.

A step that makes it vulnerable to collective assessment. Ray is modelled after performances such as black mirror. And a similar anthology based on the works of Stephen King or Ray Bradbury. The actual ‘episode’ is the film in its own right, connected only with the thinnest thematic network.

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First, Thriller Paranoid, directed by Srijit Mukherji and titled Forget Me, is not a monument to cancel culture. Ali Fazal plays Ipsit, the corporate shark described by his colleagues as a human-computer. But meeting coincidence with the former fire sent him hesitantly.

What IPSIT does to make a living is very blurred;

Instead, he is a type of stock CEO who always calls. With his assistant and is constantly surrounded by an admirer handle. Ipsit rose to the top of the company’s food chain. It was very implied, had left a trace of the victim. But the obsession prevented him from even registering men and women in his orbit.

The premise of this film – about a man who came to a gradual awareness. That his greatest superpower faded before his eyes. He could not be denied with attractive. Still, the execution gave him the supreme air that was difficult to shake.

Forget about me not by being shot by Sonawane Swapnil. A man who knows one or two things about catching Mumbai. At night And Ali Fazal’s always reliable performance is very ruled. But the script, by Siraj Ahmed, is too clumsy. To check the core theme of the story with a kind of depth.

But the four most unbroken Ray films did not forget me.

The dubious honour must go to another entry of Mukherji. Kolkata-set Bahupriya, starring Kay Kay Menon. Basically the show one person. Menon is very good at playing simple psychos, and Bahupriya.

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Where he starred as a Makeup artist who ignored, gave him an interesting joker-esque character to sink his teeth. But again, this is an over-simplified execution and a story derivative that proved to cancel the film.

Fortunately for all of us – Ray included – Director Abhishek Chaubey came to save his pleasant film. Hungama Hi Kyon Barpa, starring Manoj Bajpayee and Gajraj Rao as two men who met on a train trip. Still, it seemed unable to shake that they had met one same before. But gave cinematic talent with confidence in Chaubey and the scenario playing around Niren Bhatt.

Chaubey is very dependent on the show of the two stars:

Yes, but not afraid to smoke material with unique sensitivity. There is a quality of mysterious boxes for Chaubey films, and their actors break up happily. With support from some Cameos that I will not seize by revealing here.

More than the film Satyajit Ray, whose attraction with the train even inspired Wes Anderson. Hungama Hi Kyon Barpa brought to the minds of two film-themed film Alfred Hitchcock. The woman disappeared and strangers on the train. We have come a full circle, by the way; The train, as if, has returned to his home station.

Like Ipsit, the protagonist of the spotlight of Vasan Bala. The typecast actor played by Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor – also found that he lost his X-factor. In the case of the Vik, this is a ‘display’ – a literal display that sent its fans. Into madness and forced the critics to tear the films.

Like Chaubey’s Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa, Spotlight also opens with a unique title card. This special touch randomly brings together the two best entries in this anthology. And looks very arbitrarily, talking to style, because the film Srijit Mukherji does not mark driving.

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Trapped in a hotel during the location shooting:

He finds himself overshadowed by a mysterious Gotwoman. Who moved to the same hotel and made him expelled from his room. Played by Radhika Madan, Didi, because his followers knew him. Only disclosed in the third act but felt his presence throughout the 63-minute runtime.

Madan, who works for the second time with Vasan Bala, is excellent here, lure and alienate in the same size. Who found overnight fame on Instagram.