Candidates supported by the BJP Win 630 of 825 blocks of the pramukh seat

After sweeping the election of the Chairperson of Zila Panchayat, a candidate supported by BJP has registered a victory. In more than 630 of the 825 blocks of the Pramukh seat on Saturday, until now.

The development has the potential to armed the Saffron Party with evidence to claim a large-scale political presence in the countryside in front of the election of high peg assembly next year.

Immediately after the results were announced, the Yogi Adityanath minister chairman told reporters that it was the mandate for ‘Sabka Tazing Sabka Vishwas’ policy.

According to reports, candidates supported by BJP opposed 735 seats while gave 14 seats to Ally Apna Dal (s). The party also provides support without notice to 76 candidates while agreeing not to involve officially supported candidates.

As the result of enforcement, BJP and AD (s) supported by supported candidates is ready for victory at 635 seats. Candidates supported by the Samajwadi Party, according to reports, won in more than 70 seats, while Congress supports candidates to manage victory only on two seats. Independent won around 95 seats.

A day ago, as many as 349 candidates were chosen without removing after 187 candidates took back their nomination papers on Friday. Polling for 476 of the remaining seats was carried out on Saturday. BJP has claimed that the candidates supported won without repositioning at 334 seats.

Immediately after the results projected the victory of BJP supported candidates in most seats, Yogi Adityanath’s head minister reached the BJP State Office and Deputy Dinesh Sharma and Head of BJP Singh Singh.

The presence of Yogi in the party office raised a lot of curiosity and was seen as a party offering to praise Him for BJP victory in rural polls.

This was almost a repetition of July 3 when Swatantra Dev reached the official residence of Yogi after the party’s supported candidate victory in the election of the Chairperson of Zila Panchayat.

Speaking to reporters, Yogi said that the victory in rural polls was a reflection of the community’s mandate for the policy of PM Narendra Modi ‘Sabka when Sabka Vishwas’. He said that it was also a stamp on the policy of central and state governments and legal solid and order situations in the state.

“Unlike in the previous regime when Anarchy wins and criminals hold wobbly,” he said.

Significantly, the Pramukh polling block was damaged by reports of violence originating from clashes between BJP and Samajwadi Party workers in various parts.

Yogi stated that rural development is the focus of the development plan of the state government, and rural local agencies will contribute slightly to achieving goals. He said he hoped that a three-tier rural body would further strengthen the Panchayati Raj system.

The Samajwadi Party, which was in a direct contest with BJP, accused the powerful party to abuse the government engine.

There is also a reported violence incident from various parts of the country during the nominated paper submission. SP announced protests on July 15 against what was called “Killing Democracy” by BJP.