Yeh Hai Chahatein: A Hindi Drama Serial

The show first aired on Starplus on 19th December 2019 and now streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

It is a spinoff show of “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein“. Prisha and Rudraksh’s story started because of their nephew, Saransh. Even with the same old concept, the show managed to receive a great response from the audience with an IMBD rating of 10 out of 10.

Prisha is a gynecologist in Delhi and raising her nephew Saransh as a single mother after her sister’s death.

Saransh is a big fan of rockstar Rudraksh Khurana where Prisha detests Rudraksh.

Yuvraj fakes to be in love with Prisha to get a judge’s position, which he may get from Prisha’s father. After knowing that saransh is the nephew of Rudraksh and his brother Rajeev’s son, he started blackmailing him for money.

On the Yuvraj and Prisha’s marriage, he killed Rajeev and left the wedding because he learned the truth, and Prisha took the blame on her.

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Rudraksh vows to take revenge for his brother’s death. He learned that Saransh is Rajeev’s son and thought Prisha is his birth mother and Rajeev’s ex-lover unaware of Mahima.

Yuvraj gets a promotion, and he sentenced Prisha to be hanged. Later he kidnapped saransh and told Prisha he is saving saransh from rudraksh. Later, when he learned that Saransh would get 50 lakhs per month until he turns 21, he planned to adopt Saransh. Then, he fixes his and Prisha’s marriage.

At their marriage, Rudraksh takes Yuvraj’s place and marries Prisha to take full custody of Saransh as his brother Rajeev’s last wish and his way to take revenge from Prisha. Later, on her part, from being called the son of a murderer Prisha handover full custody to Rudraksh.

Prisha later proved innocent with the help of his father. Prisha went back to take his son, interrupting rudraksh and Mihika’s life. Rudraksh put a condition in front of a Prisha to be with her son to live in his house to be with saransh. Prisha agreed to Rudraksh.

Rudraksh calls off his and Mihika’s wedding. Rudraksh and Prisha act like a happy couple in front of the child department act.

Later Mihika’s father arrived and got to know about Saransh and Prisha, supporting Rudraksh’s decision.

The lady in the red saree is kidnaping Saransh. Both Rudraksh and Prisha informed the police, and they doubted Balraj.

On the other side, Gopal met with an accident and took to the hospital. There Yuvraj came to take Prisha and get jealous of seeing Rudraksh. Later, Yuvraj bribes Prisha to fake a molestation case on Rudraksh, but Prisha tricks her into confessing a lie.

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Prisha learns that Balraj is innocent and finds Saransh napkin in Niketan’s pocket. She runs to Niketan’s room and finds Saransh tied up under the bed and later confronts him. Niketan put Saransh at gunpoint and tries to escape while Prisha got shot and Saransh had an injury on the head.

To get away from the crime, Ahana acts very kind and concerned about Prisha and saransh. Saransh had a dream of Niketan killing Prisha and pee on the bed. Later Ahana dressed up like Prisha, and both Rudra and Prisha recreated the scene to overcome saransh from it. Later saransh manage to cure.

As Prisha treats covid patient Balraj, she gets angry and asks her to stay quarantined for 14 days in the servant quarter, but saransh cries for Prisha, so Rudra safely quarantines the house for Prisha. As Prisha’s quarantine get over, Vasudha and Gopal came and celebrated with them.

Ahana doesn’t want Saransh’s admission to her school, where Prisha and Rudra are very anxious about it. However, Saransh joins the school. For Saransh safety, Rudraksha joins the school. Ahana and Mishka put all his effort to foil Rudraksh but fails. Later Yuvraj joins his hand with Rahul. Rahul is Rudraksh’s rival in business and music. On the other hand, Prisha had good terms with Rahul’s wife, Neerja. Later on, Rudraksha and Prisha started warming up with each other.

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Rudraksh started falling for Prisha and learns his emotion but fails to express it to Prisha. While Rahul plans to separate them and showed a moped video to Rudra of Prisha telling him he is against rudraksh and loving Yuvraj.

After seeing this, Rudra turns against Prisha started torturing her but can’t stay away from Prisha as he loves her, although Prisha also stays by him.

Keep loving Yeh Hai Chahatein and watch daily on Starplus and Disney+hotstar.