Shawn Mendes In Wonder: Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He is just 22 years old now. And at such an early age, his documentary film is coming on Netflix with the name “Shawn Mendes: In Wonder,” which is an outstanding achievement. The original documentary of Shawn Mendes will be on Netflix in November 2020 itself.

Moreover, Shawn Mendes is very popular as a singer, and his albums already hit the ground. He already launched his three albums on the market and ready with its next one. He is even coming up with his fourth studio album named “Wonder.” The album will hit the internet on 4th December, 2020 Friday.

While, this documentary is all about life’s journey of Shawn Mendes. How he struggles for self-analysis and discovery as well? The film will show his life’s ups and downs so that people can connect themselves with the story. As per Variety, it’s seen that Mendes and Shawn Mendes Foundation (SMF) had declared an official TIFF award. Those awards will be provided to the young filmmaker to create films that focus on world problems towards youth nowadays. At the Toronto film festival, “IN WONDER” was a remarkable event selection.

Expected Release date:

The documentary “In Wonder” is going to be on Netflix. The official release date of the movie is “23rd November 2020”. The documentary is coming just a week before his fourth studio album named “Wonder.” which is going to hit the world on “4th December 2020”.

Plot of the Shawn Mendes In Wonder:

The story of the documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder is the life story of Shawn. The documentary shows how Shawn changes from a boy from a small town to have the stardom. Meanwhile, as per the official summary, the documentary will show the lead’s stardom and his life’s journey, the process of rising, etc. Even the fans can watch his world tour by which he came to North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Cast Details:

Currently, the documentary’s complete cast is not known till now. Only Shawn Mendes is there in the lead role. Afterwards, we need to wait so that we can see who is there in the documentary for the side and supporting role. Everyone is waiting to see the other faces in the documentary, whether they are new or known people.


The documentary has been directed by an old and famous music video director Grant Singer. The executive producers are Andrew Gertler, Shawn Mendes, and Ben Winston. The producers of the movie are Saul Germaine, p.g.a and James Haygood.


Recently, the official trailer of the Shawn Mendes documentary “In Wonder” is launched: