Kaali Khuhi Movie Review – A netflix Original Indian Horror Movie starring Shabana Aazmi

The title denotes a “Black well” which hides secrets in its depth. The movie Directed and written by Terrie Samundra and co-written by David Walter Lech and Rupinder Indrajit received a cold response from the OTT audience.

It brings up female infanticide, and to the contrary, it depicts powerful characters of the females in the movie.

It’s a horror movie delivering a strong social message. The sound effects, picturization and cinematography of the movie are good, but the writing’s execution is not very well done.

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Being a horror film, Kaali Khuhi didn’t meet the expectations of viewers at being scary.

In a 90 minutes long tale, Terrie Samundra debuts in the film and Shabana Aazmi plays the role of the Darshan’s aunt known as Satya Masi. Riva Arora plays the little 10-year-old girl’s lead character.

Shivangi’s mother’s character Priya, is being played by Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Satyajeet Mishra is playing her father’s character – Darshan

The story brings out an alarming issue of Indian villages, i.e., female infanticide. Even in today’s world, several societies in India do not let a female child grow or even come into this world.

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The story revolves around a 10-year-old girl, “Shivangi” played by Riva Arora, who visits her father’s village in Punjab with her father and mother as her grandmother is ill. The little girl makes an effort to save her family’s village from ghosts.

Shabana aazmi, leading the cast of an old lady, narrating traditional  stories of village’s bad spirits.

The well, shown in the movie, is where several female babies were thrown in the ritual name, Which was isolated and closed for years, but a villager opens it, which results in spirits entering the village.

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Shivangi meets a girl of her age played by Rose Rathod and another scary girl spirit wearing a red dress which seems to be present in her home. Satya Masi played by Shabana Aazmi knows the secret behind the spirits and guides Shivangi to stop the spirits as she is the new generation. The movie all fails to achieve a great response with a slow and dull plot.