Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Spoilers and Final Battle With Moro

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 is a little away from us; you can say that it is almost a week distinct from us. That’s the thing for which we need to wait, but along with this, we have good news too. The good news is that the show’s pre-scan are already revealed. As per the pre-scan, we have several vital spoilers for you all from exciting chapters of the Manga. The information we got from publishers is that this chapter will have an intense climax fight for the Moro Arc. That fight will end with Chapter 67 means the V Jump to the year’s last issue and last Moro’s threat to Z warriors.
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 is planned to launch on 20th November 2020. This release will take place on the Manga plus website.

We know earlier that the Galactic Prison Arc has persisted in being a transition saga. We can say that there was no threat except Moro. He brings his knees down in front of Mastered Ultra Instinct because Goku became fully damaged. At the same time, Moro tried miserable measures. Moro re-activated the angel powers, which are absorbed by Merus, which he doesn’t even have. This results in a sudden energy increase in Moro, and he enlarges to absorb the Earth. With the help of the angel’s power, he explodes and decides to damage the entire galaxy.

Spoilers for Chapter 66

Many essential aspects of this chapter have been revealed due to the pre-scan, which shows the actual scenario of the end of this saga. Moro is a frightening human being’s existence on the planet by absorbing every human being’s energy on Earth. Vegeta and the other fighters are ready to be on the field of battle, but Goku is the person who can end all this on a good note. Moro scares to damage everything on the Earth, and this makes Goku go across his Godly powers.

As Moro become the Earth’s giant monster, Beerus tried to move ahead to save the world, just for the food seemingly. At the same time, Beerus is willing to send some damageable energy attacks while Grand Priest contacted Whis. He warrants both Whis and Beerus to present on Palace, which may stop any action taken by Beerus. Grand Priest only warranted them both to know the matter with Merus. Whis gave tips to Goku before leaving. He tells Goku about his god powers. And if Goku wants Moro to stop then, he needs to damage the crystal-like what Merus did. Now, Goko needs to notice how to stop the copying powers of Moro and stop the upcoming blast.

Further Predictions

In the beginning, Moro looks like a significant threat to the world, but he is not that much strong. Vegeta’s Ability of Spirit fission takes place as absorption techniques. Merus comes forward and seals the copying power, which reduces his powers. Goku again activates Mastered Ultra Instinct and completely overwhelmed him. Moro left with no choice, and he needs to surrender because he is not in available options. In comparison, it is already known that Moro’s chapter will end in the upcoming two chapters of Manga.

In the future of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 manga, Grand Priest will be in the matter. Whis and Beerus got a warrant because of Merus and to see how he will disappear because of the desperate action. Goku decides to step forward to being Merus back, which happens by Grand Priest’s direct interaction. Moro Arc was a free arc, and after time people lost their interest in the overwhelmed wizard. We got from this arc to give growth to the main characters of Goku and Vegeta.