Another Covid Vaccine is ready with the efficiency of 94%

Another good news,

before the ending of the year 2020 from the medical field. Last week Pfizer announced the Coronavirus vaccine efficiency up to 90%. Now BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY MODERNA announced its vaccine is claiming the efficiency up to 94.5%.

On Monday, Moderna said it’s phase 3 of the coronavirus vaccine trial that met all the requirements, and statistical data shows the vaccine is effective in 94.5% cases. The specialist says the number may vary as the respective trials continue. The vaccine may work better in some groups than others.

Stephen Hoge, President of Moderna, said the higher efficiency is achieved because of the mRNA vaccines (An entirely new type of the vaccines used by both of the companies)

mRNA technology is a new exciting way to prevent disease. Despite the promising data, Moderna is not ready to benefit the society yet. The Company must need a Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization permission first. Right now, the Company is allowed to serve a limited group of people from high-risk zones.

Moderna said they are planning to seek EUA in the upcoming few weeks. The application will incorporate at least two months of safety data. And they will be applying for the FDA application too. For that, they will include a final analysis of 151 cases of Coronavirus in its trial.

Pfizer will distribute about 50 million global distribution, and Moderna is expected to have 20 million doses. On Monday, Moderna shared vital information about how the vaccine can be stored and shipped.

The vaccine can be stored for six months in a regular freezer and one month in a standard refrigerator as per the Company.

And the president quoted, “The major difference between Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine is that the Moderna vaccine is quite easy to distribute in traditional infrastructure.”

Pfizer vaccine must be kept at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, far colder than a typical freezer can manage. Due to these special requirements, the Company must ship the vaccine in particular temperature-controlled thermal boxes with dry ice.

After Pfizer, Moderna could be the second Company to seek authorization in United Station.

Moderna received funding from Operational Warp Speed and partnered with the National Institute of Health on its trial. Pfizer chooses to go alone while not accepting government funding. Few others are also in the queue after Moderna and Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson will be ready for 3rd trial.

Due to increasing Covid-19 cases around the world, at last, we on the verge of getting an approved vaccine for everyone. Unless the vaccines are ready stay safe stay healthy and stay home.