Vaazhl Review: There seems to be a constant termination between the character of Arun Prabu

Purushotham’s Vaazhl and his viewer. This, of course, has nothing to do with the digital film release. But something is missing, something, something strange about Vaazhl. Although it’s hard to measure what, this acts as Jammer. Keeping us with the length of the arm. To get involved invested in the process.

Even once, you never really, even once, with Vaazhl’s character, even though it’s a movie that wants you with them; To undergo an emotional gamut, to complete the cycle, like them.

This detachment can be associated with the nature of the film scenario.

It’s pretty brave Arun Prabu to build a narrative, which, as he said, does not have a structure, boneless. Maybe Vaazhl lacks in the spine that knits a bit non-linearity along with a cohesive way. Forget about narrative cohesion. This film is not even half approaching to achieve the absurdity intended in the first place.

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A man who underwent a middle-aged crisis passed the emotional cycle. When a road trip was not planned with his relatives and his son left. Resulting in a trip that took him to the mountains, islands and cross-borders.

This brings us ahead about something that is consistently inconsistent. The inconsistency comes from the fact that Vaazhl is structure-agnostic if it makes sense. This film does not have conventional plots and does not follow the convention of the scenario. At least in theory.

The scenes were written as if we flipped. Through old photos without command. There is no order for Vaazhl or the way the scene is conceived. Pay attention to how to edit by Raymond Derrick Crasta. The image is only soluble, shows pieces of life; from this trip.

Arun Prabu has a really good idea in the hand: 

Someone through a middle-aged crisis was educated. About the streak of life of the “eccentric” character. When he finds on the way. Which will eventually change his ideas tomorrow. Arun wants this person to travel from point A to point B to Point Z.

He even managed to execute some stops on paper. But the problem with the film trying to oppose the scenario framework is, it must be crazy, as Super Deluxe said, for example, or must have strong support from the plot, such as saying Malayalam Charlie’s film or Hindi film found Fanny. Vaazhl isn’t here or there.

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What will happen Vaazhl is Prakash (Pradeep Antony), which boxes in software work. The boss, boyfriend and family are constantly walking along his throat; He did not get time to breathe.

This film is very much about who will come with his pigeonholed life when looking from the eyes of an eagle; The realization is about being alive today, and “nalaiki” becomes a distant concept and so on. But for Prakash to reach there, he had to meet first and fell for his cousin Yatramma (TJ Banu) by his son Yatra (Aahrav).

Both Yatra and his mother seemed to miss care and love.

Say both of them must live with household harassment at home. Say Yatramma does something in the heat at this time, which will change his property and live the life of Prakash. Say it involves travelling, where each of them gets what they want: A father-father in “Prakash Maama” for Yatra.

Friends for each other for Prakash and Yatramma. Arun Prabu spent almost an hour in this 112-minute film preparing a conflict followed by the journey of self-discovery, which received a resolution in the interval. This film is not bad until a sign of halfway to losing the grasp to be advertisers for world tourism days, with some fantastic visuals captured through the Shelley Calise lens.

The problem is not there with actors; They are all delicious and not with execution. Maybe it’s the nature of profound writing. Maybe the character is not “eccentric” because it is written on paper.

Maybe it’s an emotional knock that doesn’t work. My skin crawled when Yatramma kissed Prakash to say, “Nee Enga Saamy.” Maybe it was a tremendous second half. Maybe it’s not a shipper. Maybe it’s an urgency to talk about life philosophy, relationships, music and time for yourself. Someone handed a piece of paper to Prakash with the word “Vaazhl” wrote it down. Seriously?

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Maybe we must thank Arun Prabu because they did not underestimate the road to the discovery by asking for a hero to ride the Royal Enfield to Ladakh. Step the baby, as they say.