Sara’s Movie Review: It is about a single conflict that talks about a woman’s agent on her body

The ideas that revoked casts in stones need more than a soft push. In Sara, director Jude Anthony Joseph and the scriptwriter Akshay Hareesh tried to shake the foundation of one such idea. Which had received as usual in the community and extensions in the mainstream cinema.

The insights to the movie Sara’s:

Sara (Anna Ben), is an associate director in the film industry. She wanted to make his film. When working on the script for his dream debut, he met Jeevan (Sunny Wayne), who was resting at home, far from busy life in the IT industry. They fell in love, with Sara especially withdrawn because he shared his choice to remain free of children. But, over time, social pressure began to act on them.

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On the sightseeing of the three, Jude Anthony Joseph survived on the subject of women-centric. But in common with the previous two films ended there. Except for the relationship between Sara with her father. He was similar to those in Ohm Shanthi Oshana. He also maintained a relatively fair treatment he gave to a heavy subject here too. So sometimes, but at other times it makes us hope for something more concrete.

What is worthy of clapping is that the script never diverts from the central idea, which rotates around Sara’s choice and intense desire to become a filmmaker. The narrative is a definite balance between the two. Because of social pressure on its choice, Inturn has a bearing on his dream too.

It also describes its struggle to convince the manufacturer with the script:

Which we tell, does not have the common element of the mainstream film. The film Jude, the progressive holder, does not always redeem the manufacture of plains, lazy in several parts. Besides Sara’s character, the rest look blurred and stuck in one tone. Transformation in some characters also looks fast and relatively comfortable. In the real world, women like Sara will not be easy because the protagonists here have.

However, this is a bold year of reversal, glorifying motherhood and looking down, they dare to take their way of choice. This is a different study with films such as Salman Khan-Starrer Sultan, a woman’s wrestler who works towards the Olympic gold, giving a dream after she is pregnant, with the manuscript glorifying it.

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Guaranteed performance Anna Ben walked away in supporting movies, even in places where he sagged because of the writing under-par. Apart from the disruption, Sara is a commendable effort on the course correction in some deep society norms.

Agency and who property, is a leading conversation for centuries.

Don’t forget, Patriarch regulates DNA. We always make us feel that the gender of men is superior to women, and the first can make the right decision for the last. Akshay Hareesh wrote Sara. It was about a single conflict that talked about a woman’s agent on her body.

This is a girl who doesn’t want children. Technically it is a choice and must be respected. However, the family does not give you a lot of privacy and choice. The storm was caused when he announced it and, Hareesh quickly showed you how his body agency was his, but about 10 others.

Talking about 10 other people, they also include men. Sara is full of men on the outer surface, looking like feminists who support every woman’s step in their lives. But Akshay and director Jude is smart enough to make you see their rescue complex below it.

For example, his father; While he all supported and cute when he told his daughter that the decision would eventually, there was also a proudness that he gave him the freedom to make that choice, come back to life! Or Anjali Meera Nair, a big star and her husband, said he controls it as if the robot shows how our patriarchy is marinated.

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Posts in Sara have never been too heavy to digest. A piece of life film deals with a taboo subject. There are many questions about why a woman must justify her decision? Why are people not easy and question their own business? Why is moral crime abortion in India? But are all of them answering? Well, 50 per cent. The rest is busy in repetition and inability.