Chaman Bahaar Movie Review: What happens when the young man who is frustrated in the country sees an interesting girl?

Unusual for films to open with deleted scenes. Even more unusual to be based on a very wrong premise that was revealed without a slight irony, but somehow, Chaman Bahaar managed to do both.

The latest in the lines of endless film produced by YOODLE film for various streaming platforms:

Chaman Bahaar is the worst. Especially since the last release of the banner, which debuted only a week ago, was axone, which was rather pleasant.

I am sure the Director of Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann ​​has the best intention. But to make what is explained as ‘male gaze: film’ in 2020, it feels very deaf.

The actor loved by Jitendra Kumar (Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan and Amazon Panchayat) Bintang as Billu. ‘Panwadi’ in Central Indian City is Nondescript. Very disappointed, Billu realized that he had chosen to set up a new store.

With a barren-like bleak landscape surrounding it. The clock passes between customers, and even when someone stops by, Billu always runs out of stock. The only company he had was two friends. Who seems to be unemployed as him.

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But the fate of Billu spun when a government employee. And also, his family moved to an empty bungalow across the street. Their arrival pulled the entire population of small-town men. Which parked himself at the Billu shop to see a glimpse of the young man’s daughter.

Every day, like a needle, when the girl took her dog out to take a walk. Dozens of men, after occupying the leading position. Around the Billu shop, drooling him from a safe distance. Business is finally booming. Billu’s shop has become ‘ADDA’ for ‘Laundabazi’.

But how is it possible, Chaman Bahaar begged his audience:

For a young Indian man who was sexually frustrated to see an interesting girl. And did not immediately mark it as his property? And that’s what happened to Billu, who found that Rinku had also hit him.

So he did what was done by every crazy lover in the films of Bad Hindi. Se slashes his initials on his arm, carving their names on a rock. And stared shamelessly at him for hours while Sonu Nigam roared in the background.

He did not receive as much as he passed instead. But this is the intensity of the Billu obsession that he even included a scenario. To prevent the increasing crowd of humans from visiting his shop.

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As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, let me take a minute to show that my Rinku. An object of this man’s wishes – is a student. He is not the same age. She’s a child. And this is not Haramkhor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Instead, it is dragging without a virtue on behalf of entertainment.

For most of the time running, I guessed myself, wondering if I had missed something. Maybe an indication that the film, of course, towards the stalker’s behavior. And that it was not by any abuse, especially from a girl under age. But there is no luck.

And then, as if to remove my doubts, Billu, in one scene, threw a stone in a wild dog. Who growled Rinku on one of his ways and gave birth to himself. From every drop of the last redemption, he might have. He looked at him, chest puffed, a smile proudly on his face. He believed that he had committed heroic acts. Chaman Bahaar thinks it is a romantic love story.

Escapade without brain continues to approach two hours of numbness and end with billu. Like the briefs of Singh, basically valued because of his perseverance. I reveal this detail, so you have no reason that can justify watching this film.

Two-thirds under the narrative did take, but all to try and build sympathy for this should not be guilty. Everything that might throw into the plot. From a vague reference to operate Majnu to a hotheaded police officer.

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From an opportunistic politician to a sadhu who loses to be thrown by his love. Which finally turned out to be forgotten chaos. The only other element I like about this film, apart from Kumar. Who is sincere and investing, is the order of opening credit. This is a nice touch, that!