Pogaru Movie Review: Pogaru left the audience without hesitation about the story of the story

Pogaru is an emotional battlefield, and Dhruva Sarja shines in this unique manuscript. Three years of hard work for films by actors and director Nanda Kishore paid on the screen and fulfilled the massive expectations of fans.

Pogaru’s story was told mainly by Shiva:

A local young man whose painful childhood made him ‘famous’. Shiva missed her father, who died, and her only weakness was her mother (Pavithra Lokesh). He all came out to get his attention and love, but all his efforts backed up.

However, an incident occurred between him and his sister (Mayuri), who became a turning point in his life. And there was a drastic change in his behaviour. How Shiva became the Messiah to people who live in their neighbourhood, and how it affects them to form the rest of the story.

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Director of Nanda Kishore has weaved the film ‘Massa’ with the right family element. There is ordinary melodrama, but filmmakers have used their creative freedom wisely and deliver a mixture of emotions. Narration, however, tends to be one side, mostly illustrated from the perspective of heroes.

Nanda Kishore’s experiment in making a new character sketch for Dhruva Sarja was largely successful. As Ruffian, the actor comfortably sailed through his role and did a great job to involve the audience from the beginning to the end. The school’s avatar, which lost 33 kilograms, looked perfect.

Must appreciate his transformation to a youthful look.

The sequence of specific actions from Dhruva reminded us of his uncle Arjun Sarja. Dhruva also ensures that the long dialogue scene is typical in this film to serve its fans.

Shiva grew into a great person to live his own life without worrying about the people around him. Director of Nanda Kishore tried to give romance and sister sentiment in the first round.

Without much success because the title of this film did not allow freedom. Rashmika as a leader of a woman who emerged as a teacher, ended up as an exhibition.

What happened when Shiva became emotional with her sister (Mayuri Kyatari). And how she acted when the lives of residents at risk of the substance of the second half.

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Dhruva Sarja continued his masculine appearance in Pogaru and attached it to the mass display of ‘signature style’. Giving a long punch dialogue that didn’t seem necessary. The main villain played by Sampath Raj appeared only in several scenes. When the hero tried to involve the audience with his long dialogue.

When Pogaru turned out to be a show of one Dhruva. The director left a little room for other characters. Such as Dhanjaya, Rashmika, Kuri Prathap.

Overall, this film is overloaded with typical Dhruva things that are intended only for bulk audiences. The film features four bodybuilders. And top model Kai Greene, Morgan Aste, Wayne Lucas and Jo Lindner in the climax battle. The concept of using top bodybuilders in climax battles. It does not add value to films except as possible as a promotion. Music by Chandan Shetty also disappointed.

Even though this is a bit over at the time:

The actor makes it entertaining. He also worked hard to get the appearance details correctly. Watch out for a face-off. Dhruva is a lot awaited, with four international bodybuilders in climax too.

Rashmika Mandanna, who plays an interest in love Dhruva, is the justice of its role, and Ravi Shankar. Who is famous for its evil role, is a surprise in Pogaru. Dhananjay, Mayuri, and Sampath, meanwhile, did not have much room to appear.

Songs by Chandan Shetty, especially Karabu songs and famous track titles, stand out. The background by V Harikrishna raised the scene and added the required mass appeal. Vijay Milton cinematography aligned with a larger vision of the director.

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Overall, Pogaru was a treat for fans of Dhruva, who appreciated his hard work and celebrated his presence on the screen.