Ardha Shathabdham Review: Narrative incerent Mars interesting ideas

Ardha Shathabdham joined a series of Telugu films recently were revealed the story in the interior area of ​​Telangana and Andhra Pradesh which was less explored and reflected the original Milieu.

Rawindra Pulle’s director took us to a hamlet in Telangana (filmed in the Nirmal and Nizamabad area) in the early 2000s, where the caste patas line was still running inside.

He questioned why he obeyed ancient norms even at the turn of the new millennium.

This is a relevant premise. When the individual force is working, the events that seem random are enough to make hatred rooted in and splashing violence, as shown in the film.

Rawindra tried to ask why humanity could not rise on the caste division to enforce the principles of the Indian constitution.

This film sees social fabric problems through many of its characters – Former Naxal. A young child in Romance’s upheaval and seeking work prospects in Dubai.

A police officer gets frustrated because he had to murder the meeting. A politician who didn’t jolt before doing something. In their ideas about caste-based social norms.

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All of this might look attractive on paper but does not translate into cohesive and absorb narratives.

The opening order looked at the gap in the village, with a tribal head stating that people from specific caste must continue the work they had done for generations and could not dream of surging higher.

Not aware of all this is Krishna, who hit love (Karthik Rathnam) that has held a candle for his childhood Sweetheart Pushpa (Krishnapriya newcomer).

Karthik owned the first hour or so. And the composer of the Nawfal Music King of the ASI. Karthik surrendered to the naive innocence needed to carry its part and effectively. Romance Momming Deliably Disturbing in the pacing and music composer based in Chennai.

I highlighted it with songs that vary from folksy to film melodies. One song has a resonance that is wrong with ‘Raasathi’ A R Rahman (Thirda Thiruda; 1993). Even though this one is not fully Cappella. Even though music, picturization, and the couple lead it fun to watch, a little happened.

At once, newer and complex characters are confused. By the way, people or fight against their inner demons, to the fore. After a harmless incident leads to Mayhem in the village, the narrative starts tortuously.

Some scenes that show violence in the village look amateur.

And too much happening without synergy. Post Ranjith (Naveen Chandra) Rage can understand the former Rebel Ramanna (Sai ​​Kumar).

Discussion between Top Police (Ajay) and MLA (Sudhakar) about the Indian Constitution and whether it can justify the murder of innocent people could be interesting. But it’s boring, like the rest of the film.

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Characters look frozen, and the moral dilemma is not refined correctly. The loyalty of Trump Humanity tribes, but all play in bland mode.

On the one hand, we have famous films such as ‘Karnan’ (Tamil), who are too dealing with caste violence. But, on the other hand, we have ‘Ardha Shatabdham,’ where the sociological disaster pan comes out like an ordinary film.

Karthik Rathnnam plays a boyfriend who gets too many songs.

It dedicates to their familiar characters. This film pampers the love story, which is the basis of anything. The girl who swept her from her legs couldn’t separate. When Dewi needed to die.

He is placed in the cliche scene. He danced in the rain, he went to the temple unwittingly gave him ‘Darshan,’ he went to ‘Jatingara’ … this is the type of scene we see for ages.

Mostly, acting remains earnest, and that’s the only saving mercy. Krishnapriya is an expressive and has a very striking screen presence.

Naveen Chandra holds attention every time he is in a frame, but someone hopes his character has been better written.

The same applies to Sai Kumar and Aamani, whose presence can be uses as even better. A host of the other actors, including the Ajay and King Ravindra, in vain.

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What is meant by Ardha Shathabdham is a narrative with a beating heart. That can make us root for the character.