‘Haseen Dillruba’ Review: A crazy journey of love and its mad consequences

Haseen Dillruba revolves around a severe engineer, his delicious wife, Hunky’s lover and a biased police officer. Hearee Toh Phasee, Director of the new film Vinil Mathew. Who came out on Netflix, showed that love didn’t love if it wasn’t Amour Fou – passion, carelessness.

The storyline of the movie:

Based on the investigation as a suspect in the murder of her husband, a woman revealed the details of their spiky marriage. Which seemed to be obscuring the truth.

The marriage arranged brought Rani (Taitee Pannu) and Rishu (Vikrant Massey) into the same room but almost not on the same page. He is a fiction of Lurid pulp fiction and believers companies in sexual adventures. He is a straight gent without hair out of place or tangled in his clothes.

Rishu was filled with Rani at first glance and refused to heed the terrible warning of his mother. SaaS is right about Sass Rani, but Rishu, who believes in a stable approach to the finishing line, sure it will succeed.

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Unfortunately for Rishu and film, who claimed to be a mystery but devoted too much time to operate soap, Rani turned out to be a bride of hell.

Mismatch, infidelity and death tearing a partner and landed Rani at the police station. He had to explain the explosion at his home, which only left one remaining. Rishu’s hand with his wife’s name tattooed on it.

Investigation of Kishore officers (Aditya Srivastava) was not impressed by Moist Rani’s eyes. And a vibrating declaration of love for Rishu. Did he do it by conspiring with his paramour?

There is a bigger mystery in Haseen Diltruba. Such as inconsistent tones, black humour inequality. Which is less developed characters, and advice for romance to succeed.

A kind of sadomasochism must border it.

Kanika Dhillon wrote the film. The current scenario for Manmarziyaan and Judgemental Hai Kya took a stance against gas-gasping.

And fought for unhappy women who lost from the relationship of conventions and impartiality. In Haseen Dillruba, Rani, despite driving her husband to the edge of his sanity. It is described as a victim of a gap between fantasy and reality.

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Prostitutes with an incompetent couple, mother-in-law who interfere with. And father-in-law by receding and strange haircut, the small town of Madame Bovary.

He jumped to the arm of the Epilation of the cousin of Neel (Harshvardhan Rane). Fun Meat features in other ways in Haseen Dillruba. Which leads to an outcome that will not be surprising for sharp-eyed viewers.

The travel scenario lasts too long before settling into complicated sexual desire and love themes. Less attractive from Whodunit is a growing equation between Rishu and Rani.

As a character study of two unsuitable individuals who learn to calibrate their responses. To each other in a difficult way, the film is almost inadequate. But at least in the next scene between Vikrant Massey and Pannu. The film bridges the gap between expectations and executions.

Most actors are a constellation in films that orbit their volatile directions.

Harshvardhan Rane made a minor impact. While Aditya Srivastava wasted in vain. When police officers were very suspicious.

Yamini watershed and Shankar Pandey’s power, as Rishu’s parents, lost relevance after the plot twisted the family dynamics.

The heart of beating from the inability of this palpan pal. She is not a woman who is approves sympathy. Vikrant Massey stunted as a married husband who passed his passionate turn.

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Layered Massey’s exploration of Rishu’s sadness and atrocities easily exceeded his co-star efforts. While Rani rarely repeated clothes, Taiteee Pannu was attached to a series of expressions and limited action to express her character chaos.