‘Care Of Kaadhal’ Review: A Feel-decent Film With The Message ‘love Has No Age’

Care of Kaadhal is one of the films that keep you with a helpful experience. Only if you patiently wait for the end and how this story culminates for a moving experience.

The film felt spinning around four different stories, which then came together. The direct debut of Hemambar Jasthi explores the concept of love and romance. In four sets of different people from different age groups.

This film remakes the 2018 Telugu language film care. From the Kancharapalem and throws Diphan, Karthik Rathnam, Vetri, and Mumtaz Sorcar in the leading role. Maha Venkatesh has provided a film scenario.

Treatment of Kaadhal Hemambar Jassi – which featured four love and longing stories in a small town:

It is a charming remake and most loyal than warming C / O Kancharapalem. This love story displays characters in various age groups is a very familiar story.

But what makes them stand out is how they are united in the end. Kaadhal care is one of the films that keep you. With a helpful experience only if you patiently wait for the end. And how this story culminates for a moving experience.

This story was centered on an unmarried 49-year-old peon. And a 42-year-old widow officer. Who recently joined the office. Bonds that cannot develop between them. And they started to like each other.

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But at their age, what they are looking for is friendship and not love. Velu, a schoolchild, a crush on his classmate Sunitha, and he went out of his way to impress him.

Bhargavi, a top-class girl in her 20s, falls upside down for Joseph. Who works as antek for a local rowdy cum council. Dhaadi, who works in liquor stores, falls upside down for Salima, a s*x worker.

This film is cut back and forth among these stories. And is filled with a warm and adequate moment. But this film was never too heavy to be seen. Because he maintained fair treatment except for some of the scenes. That will hit us like a ton of bricks together.

In one of the scenes, the Dhaadi, without even judging his girlfriend. To become a s*x worker, secretly placing a condom package. In his hand and asked him to be careful. This is a beautiful scene that is also a reminder.

Of how many men will receive a woman in such a situation.

The film talks about love that does not have age barriers. And it makes this point beautiful through the story. Out of the peon and its super officer. The segment is featuring Bhargavi and Joseph.

Who fulfilled slightly made the annoying late. Because they talked about religions. Those were criminals in their relationship.

In contrast to the original, Kaadhal care is located in Madurai, a larger city than a Kancharapalem. In C / O Kancharapalem, this city plays a character by itself but does not occur with remakes. Another aspect where the remake failed according to the original was in the casting.

Original introduces 86 debutant actors, and each character looks very authentic on the screen. Apart from some of these small grouses. Kaadhal care works as effectively. As the original and makes you smile in the end.

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This film also received diverse comments because of one of the users. Wrote that four fairy tales seemed to be written with an exciting ending. The following user states that some indentation of the film failed to impact.

But Yetry’s story is the best among the four. Also, users say that the casting of Kishore Kumar Pelimera in Telugu film. It is a good decision because the actor’s performance is the best of all. In the end, Twitter users wrote that it was a slow drama of love-watching.