The War Next Door Review: The idea behind the new Mexican sitcom next door

The woman in the back seat needed a complete violation and opened the door to come out. Even though the car was in the middle lane. A truck came and shaved from the door. Driver Lenor Salcido de Lopez (Vanessa Bauche) appears correctly and pursues women for restitution. Lenor grabbed a women’s bag – Balenciaga – and saw lottery tickets for the contest.

Where winners won a large house in the middle of a busy city.

Lenor can use space; All of his families – Tereferial children (Elyfer Torres), Pablo (said Armando) and Janet (Isabella Patron). His former brother Tomas (Christian Vazquez) and his mother Dolores (Sara Isabel Quintero). And was crammed into the apartment.

Her husband Genaro (Pascacio López ) Just lost his job. Lenor wanted to hold a party for the first communion for Janet. But Jani wasn’t even sure she wants to take partnership.

Lenor thought that winning the lottery would give them the room they needed, but he was realistic about his chances. It was until he checked the ticket number. That he won online and saw that he won.

The whole family celebrates when they move home, which they must live in for at least six months. Next, Silvia Espinoza de Los Montero (Ana Layevska). Plans a sedate event with the monk that a local magazine will shoot.

His family – her husband Ernesto (Mark Tacher) and Kids Crista (Loreto Peralta), and Diego (Marco Leon) were only for trips. He was disturbed by the Hubbub. And when the two women met with each other. They realized that they both had an unresolved score of the Uber incident.

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But first of all, Lenor will try to destroy Silvia’s party. First, he told Pablo and Tomas to kidnap monks, but they kidnapped Imam for fellowship and made him drunk.

Some Tomas “friends” began to party in Monteros, charming Ernesto and children. Silvia faced Lenor because she knew the ticket in Lenor wallet stole after an accident. But Lenor has his extortion; DashCam’s footage made love to his daughter’s girlfriend.

The war next door is a silly show full of physical comedy and slapsticky moments.

Also, the premise that this complex and noisy family happened to win. The draws to get a house next to Mortal Lenor, Well, comfortable enemy. But the show has built its own several possible stories in the first half-hour to be fun to explore.

First, there is competition between Lenor and Silvia, which is likely to go far beyond only money and class. Lenor continued to call Silvia “Blondie”, and there would be many times. Where they both will fight teeth and nails and others to find similarities.

But more exciting stories are with the family. We can see that the Silvia family feels sufficient by constant search status. And when they feel what it feels open, they will dive in headfirst. We saw Pablo hitting on Crista (with the help of his uncle. Put the head of the angel in his pocket), and we saw Ernesto spend sexual costs from pulling the fuse from the Lopez intersection box.

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The actual moment was also obtained, like when Jani asked Tomas. Whether he was allowed to doubt whether God was there. The problem might be one of the explored during the show, considering how religious the Lopez family. Genaro’s work situation – or lack – is something that will be fun to explore.

As is the realization that grows by Lenor that the family must work twice as hard. As they do before you can live in a mansion (after all, the utility is not paid).

The war next door was not a high comedy. But the character was strong enough to help the war. Between the two Matriarch families did not grow old too fast.