Young Royals Review: Where a Swedish Prince finds himself at a boarding school, then has his loyalty divided

If you raise children of all ages, some newer teen shows must send you to your liquor cabinet. Everyone seems to drink, take Molly and explore their s*xuality. Everything is far from the eyes of their parents, who don’t know. Young Royal looks like a show similar in the subject matter up to 30 seconds in the first episode.

Then, it starts to be something different – at least we hope it happens.

A young man leaned back in the closet, his face cut and bruised. Someone told him that the car was there to pick him up. Prince Wilhelm Sweden (Edvin Ryding) quarrelled at the club, his parents, king and queen, decided the best for him to go on to the Hillerska Boarding School, where his brother Erik (Ivar Forsling) left. He doesn’t want to leave because he likes his life in the city.

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When he arrived there, his cousin was August (Malte Gårdinger). Who ruled the classmate, especially the residents of the Ridge forest, happy to show Wilhelm rope. He also wants to hold an initiation party for his cousin; He heard that a non-resident student, Simon (Omar Rudberg), connected to liquor.

Even though he discarded Simon and his sister Sara (Frida Argento), Simon invited them to parties – an honour for the first year – in exchange for liquor.

And sat next to him at lunch before August. Who “saved” his kingdom cousin from “non-res”. Simon and Sara lived with their mother, but she was reluctant to go to her alienated father, a wholesaler of alcohol, to get liquor for the party. We were also introduced to Felice (Nikita Uggla). Who aspire to marry royalties; The second cousin status of August is not enough for him, especially with Wilhelm on campus.

Initiation is your typical affair that has been overwritten. And many children appear at parties ready to get drunk. Sara found Felice, which she knew from the horse riding team, had vomited, and they went out for the air. Wilhelm and Simon Hideout from August and talked. Namely when Wilhelm realizes that he is interested in Simon.

At the first blush, the young Royals raised shrugged by us.

This series made by Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung and Camilla Holter feel like the series yes / other teenagers about a group of excessive students who do the things their parents will not approve of and explore where they want to enter.

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Nothing in the first episode does persuade us vice versa. Wilhelm seems to be the type of Windsor harry young who gets into trouble because he isn’t sure wheather who he is or wants to be. We do appreciate the relationship he has with his brother Erik.

But the August looks like “big fish in a small pool”, Dickhead repeats every type of show and this film. He dressed too well even for a fashionable dormitory school, take a walk and talk like he was necessary even though he didn’t, it didn’t need to mean to those he thought “under” him, and shamelessly kissed his cousins ​​of his kingdom.

The character around it, except for Simon and Sara, seems only the standard teen trop.

This includes Felice, who wants to pursue the kingdom by putting aside others. Simon and Sara are exceptions just because that they do have a backstory.

Their mother really speaks Spanish to them at home and doesn’t have privileges. Simon’s relationship with his father is really very transactional. Sara has an ASD, at least according to what she says to Felice at the party. And is used to being unpopular.

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A developing relationship between Wilhelm and Simon. It is what will make young Royals stand out. If the first episode pattern continues, we will continue to shrug. We are interested in love vs The story of the task of the Young Royals.