Sweet Girl Review: Momoa knocks on the emotional side in the thriller film overgrowth

The sweet girl is a thriller of revenge that is too tame and familiar, but a solid show from Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced and an exciting twist narrative, making pretty solid films.

The film offers perfect leading Momoa vehicles. The actor has made a promising career for himself, playing rudely, and the people of Sombre only do what they can to survive, and he knocks on the emotional side for this thriller.

In the end, sweet girls don’t constantly reinvent the wheel or anything. But he tried to have fun with the material.

This story follows Ray Cooper (Momoa), who is looking for revenge against the pharmaceutical company which is responsible for the death of his wife from cancer.

Along with dangerous trips is their teenage daughter, Rachel (Merced). In all justice to the writer Gregg Hurwitz and Philip Eisner scenario, this film offers a few exciting turns so people cannot see coming, but it lines on the road that can be predictable. There are too many apparent red herrings and obvious conclusions that can be seen one mile away.

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Apart from the story that is open well predictably and unusually, sweet girls pairs well with Momoa’s Directorial debut road to Paloma, Sundancetv 2015 series The Red Road and Braven Actioner 2018.

Momoa can’t stretch their acting skills too much on sweet girls, but he is very suitable to play a handsome but ordinary man. Besides being told that a man like Momoa will have Cooper’s family name, raw and honest appearance.

He can hold it himself during a very emotional moment:

Especially the scene that has it. Ray faces the reality of the diagnosis of his wife’s cancer. This might be the most emotional Momoa ever on the screen. With natural charisma, Momoa will surely capture the audience’s heart and ask them to trust absolute despair that encourages Ray’s pursuit for justice.

On the other hand, there is Rachel Isabela Merced. He recently had his name being a ring for Warner Bros. And the new Live-Action BATGIRL DC, and with what he has to offer in a sweet girl.

Someone can see the talent of the Action Hero. And the reason why he is consideres to play certain heroes. Merced did a good job balancing Rachel Cooper’s vulnerability and determination to take revenge on his father.

There are some appropriate action and emotional beats that handle Merced very well, and there is guaranteed on the scenes that are not lost without realizing it.

However, just as Momoa is hard to believe just an ordinary man named Ray Cooper.

It is also quite a leap into a belief that a teenage girl. In the escape will have time to shake eyeliner and lip gloss. That’s a small thing, but it does take one of the severe and tense actioners.

In addition, Merced is a star to watch. When he continues to challenge him with drastically different projects. Furthermore, the sweet girl did a little to concentrate as much as Momoa by giving her a more Meier role. Which did not often offer to women in such films, and Merced rose to the occasion.

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Maybe who sells this film is the effectiveness of shooting. At the location, action, and momentum are built by the score and pacing. The film clocks in more than one hour and 30 minutes. And it’s quite a decent runtime where the film doesn’t always feel like dragging. Should note that film runtime should not affect the enjoyment of the film. But with poor pacing, the clock is the one that starts to think about.

With stories like this, there are only so many characters.

Can pass that before starting to feel monotonous or excessive. However, these actions are effectively brutally and exciting – most important, it’s all good. Cinematographer Barry Ackroyd captures a realistic atmosphere, making a battle scene and chasing is genuine and honest.

The first time Director, Brian Mendoza. Proves to be a competent filmmaker. But might evolve when taking action. If not, he made an act of solid revenge.

Mendoza must have taken a few things from being a Momoa producer partner for ten years, and the sweet girl is quite impressive for the first sightseeing.

Sweet girls don’t rediscover the wheels but try to have fun. Perhaps the best thing that the film achieves is putting more eyes on Momoa and Merced and Mendoza as director. However, the driving force in the film is Momoa; Many are likely only to see his work in Game of Thrones and Aquaman.

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Sweet girl offers a view of what actors can do as players. And encourage viewers to roam through their film. To see what has become a building for itself. He has made exciting choices that show different sides of their abilities. And acting interests, and sweet girls show off what he can do.