Government hoping to earn Rs 6 Crore per km from monetisation of completed national highway

The government estimates to monetize income in front of Rs 6 Crore per km from the national highway that has been resolved to start this financial year. To get started, he had identified 104 major government-funded highways with a cumulative length of 6,800 km for monetization. This includes the eastern edge toll road 135-km built for Delhi Dekongesting, 145 km Stretch Panipat-Jalandhar, the longest road tunnel connecting Chenani with Nashri in Jammu and Kashmir, 59 km from Bhubaneswar-Puri NH Stretch and 326-km hyderabad- corridor Bengaluru.

According to the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) was launched on Monday, the government has set a target to monetize fence assets, including 400 train stations, 90 passenger trains, 1,400 km of trains, 265 suitable warehouses owned by the National Transporter, 637 km corridor shipping (DFC ) And allied infrastructure. It also plans to monetize 15 train stadiums and some housing colonies on the train.

Although it is estimated that the National Highway Authoryway (NHAI) will monetize 26,700 km from the NHS completed in 2025 to generate crore income Rs 1.6 lakh for the government, the train will produce around Rs 1.52 lakh crore in the next four years by monitoring assets.

On the road map for monetary NHS, the report said in March 2020, the length of the toll road in publicly funded mode and an annuity of around 16,387 km. “Based on past trends with the speed of award and construction, it is estimated that NHAI every year gradually adds to a minimum of 2,000-3,000 km from the monetization toll road to the asset base,” said the report.

For NMP, only NH networks from the four lane configuration and above have toll road rights reserves. NHAI has monetized its assets since 2017 when bidding the first bundle stretch completed in operating and transfer mode (TOT). NHAI will monetize the NH stretch resolved in TOT mode and infrastructure investment funds (inviting).

Regarding the monetization of fence assets, the report said the train would monetize each of the 40 stations each for 2021-22 and 120 each in the next three years to produce Rs 76,250 Crore in 2025. Likewise, estimated income from 90 monetization . Passenger coach will be RS 21,642 Crore. The third highest income RS 20,178 Crore is estimated to come from DFC monetization.

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