“Everything will be fine” Review: Its about two separate partner’s living together for their daughter, but barely together

In an unimpeded office, a man and a woman separately gave a question of a psychobiographic survey. In front of the hearing of custody.

The couple, Ruy (Flavio Medina) and Julia (Lucía Uribe Bracho) answered questions. About how many sexual partners they have. How old they are when they are married, and abuse. The answer is to sews together as if they talk to each other.

Three months earlier, everything looked Hunky-Dory in their home.

When their daughter Andrea (Isabella Vázquez Morales) knocked on her parents’ door after a nightmare. You heard Julia told Ruy to get rid of wet mattresses. But when the door opened, they were adjacent to nothing wrong.

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They went to their work as Andrea went to school; Julia is a graphic artist who works for agencies. To land a large commercial contract. And Ruy works on radio stations. We saw Ruy Flirt with Rebeca (Rut Ramos) producer. But did not think about it because he was scheduled for his brother-in-law’s engagement party DJ.

When he took Andrea, he was in pain because of the damaged filling. He brought Andrea to the Nestor dentist (Pierre Louis), which was more than happy to open the office to help.

We learned that Ruy and Julia were utterly separate;

They still live together to not make Andrea’s trauma, but Ruy sleeps on the air mattress in their room. During Dj Rebeca, he insisted on wearing a song. That brings back memories but immediately cleaned the dance floor. And urinating from Julia, who had fun until then.

Julia pushed Ruy home because she was drinking too much. Even though she promises to remain aware. He moved to the car right when he stopped at the checkpoint. Even though he only had two beer glasses. He blows his hair above the legal limit and was arrested. Ruy tried to get money to keep him away from the drunk tank, but the ATM took the card. He then drunk home, leaving his wife and mother. She is isolated from his son, to rot inside the drunk tank.

There are interesting concepts in this series. Why do we start getting married? When it has more relation to legal settings than real romantic love? And why is it difficult to parse yourself when everything becomes acidic?

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Ruy and Julia are have to be involved in their lives because they are co-parents to Andrea.

But there seems to be a variety of levels of desires that work here. Despite his passion for cheating and temptation, Ruy still holds candles for his younger and artistic wife; Julia, on the other hand, this seems to be disgusted mainly by Ruy and his antics. You know that this setting they have about shelf life like Mike Richards as jeopardy! The host, but seeing him play is still fun to watch, especially considering the tense chemistry between Medina and Bracho.

The second episode runs a little further. Showing some of the life of Idalia (Isabella Vázquez). A live-in family housemaid. And shows that Julia has used most of her separation. While Ruy is mostly miserable. But the theme is just what marriage and family mean in 2021. Whether it is in the country of origin of this event in Mexico or anywhere in the world – remain. It is interesting to see how Julia and Ruy tried to hide things from Andrea. Even though everything would explode while they celebrated her birthday. And they thought that she somehow didn’t know. As is the umpteenth time, children know, and parents don’t hide things very well.

What will be more interesting to further watch? It is how Ruy and Julia navigate this split. And how they ensure the bullet fraction of their conflict. And is not about Andrea in the process. It feels like they won’t always succeed, which is quite close to real life. Like what this family at the end of the season must be, something we are waiting for.

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We have seen a series similar to everything will be fine. Which shows marriage as a desiccate institution with anger and bitterness. But acting in this series is strong, and Diego Luna has formed a situation full of P.