‘Memories Of A Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes’: A true-crime document is often used from the mouth of madness

Analogue cassette recorders in close-ups, spinning memories and advanced timers. “I sit here smoking scaferlatis roll cigarettes,” and there are coughs that are heard. “Ouch Buyung. We damage our health-s-s”.

This is the voice of Dennis Nilsen, a serial killer who was punished for six murders in London between 1978 and 1983 and served a life sentence. “Well,” the voice continues, “We all have to die because of something, right?”

With this scary introduction, the memory of a killer introduced us to the man in the tape:

A Scot who led the existence that seemed very dull. As a work office worker until the revelation of his surprising crime. Nilsen was arrested in 1983 when the remains of humans were found in the London water channel.

And in time he spilt all the terrible stories to the police. That he had lured the young men to his home with a drink, conversation and comfort. To strangle them and throw them away.

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Their body, whether to put them under the floorboard or burn a corpse in his garden. That he will spread the tale powder on top of their bodies. And his own in replication of terrible death as fellowship with love. Memories of a killer presenting this disgusting material through an interview with officers responding to officers.

The members of the press covering the story that emerged. A collection of various news reports and recordings of the 1980s England. And his memories that fled. The men who escaped his grip and people People who the victims love.

What leads the narrative here is Nilsen itself.

On the record, he told his arrest. His experience when he is detained. His mind about the investigation, and finally, his trial. Nilsen also sentenced the media for what he saw as a bias attached to his crime coverage.

“A clear picture of prejudiced allowed to form in public thoughts. Even before I was charged with violations. To make a profitable public imagination.”

Nilsen is a homosexual and prey on young people who often lose their homes. Falling in their luck, or gay themselves, and memories of biking the social climate of the ’80s London. For meaning about how the facts are played in police investigations and presentations Nilsen crime media.

But it always returns to the cassette and the reflection of Nilsen itself for its mental and emotional makeup. Her desire to control her own messaging, and, in the end. Its existence seems happy as a figure of disgust, and the source of reflection for the community goes to decay.

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There is no limit to Netflix appetite for accurate crime content. At the same time, the streamer is undoubtedly liking another Grabby. They hit memes like a tiger king. It also fills his coffers with all kinds of writing and lights that shine in gloomy corners.

Titles like Ripper (2020) about investigations in West Yorkshire, England. Which is like killer memories of collecting dramas that gripped from recordings and interviews with central figures.

In terms of this doc, interviews are autobiographic:

Because took them from hundreds of hours of Nilsen tapes lagging after his death in 2018. Life from prison. But while the material is a spinning wing on the true-crime bolt. It is also another reason to consider why reviewed this strange story at all. For a painful attraction?

For the ranking? With a full release of Nilsen tapes made, it might be an opportunity too perfect for the correct CRIME DOC to miss. Bloody fascination into print, too: the history of a sunken boy, Autobiography Dennis Nilsen Lama wanted to write, finally published this past.

For his credit, he questioned the memory of a killer. The role of the community in the story of Dennis Nilsen. It did not free the subject – those who survived the intention of killing him testify for his clear. But that all these people could disappear without anyone raised the alarm, it was.

As a police officer who worked the case said, Nilsen could continue to kill if the neighbour. Under it was uncomfortable with the sewer with bones – the question became why these stories resonate it as Drama after the fact, and not a warning for the fall.

In the end, Netflix is ​​not the only entity that is always hungry for actual crimes. Exploitative elements are also in the observer.

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Nilsen tapes are another excellent addition, moody and morbid for the Annals of Netflix True Crime offers, and the addition of the sound of the killer itself only makes it more than a horror show.