Valeria Season 2 Review: The second season of Valeria delivers the hidden home truths

I do not see it enough in season 1, but Valeria has all the essence of thick types, with interesting characters that emit brotherhood, disasters, and classes. This embarrassing series like Valeria won’t have the same respect. Because it is well located on the Netflix thumbnail, waiting to be appreciated.

The first season ends with many loose tips, so it’s not surprising that season 2 is open with the same puzzle. Life is not easy – Love and work can increase our situation; The couple with trop comedy and brilliant players.

Maintaining intelligence and humour (and slightly tilted in light erotica):

Valeria season 2 teases with adult resistance. It feels like Val and his friends have invincible to delay their vulnerabilities and problems and make them keep deposits.

Season 2 does not allow characters to open their deflection – the second instalment provides home truth that determines the next story phase. It would be surprising if the audience did not enjoy the extension of the ARC story.

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Episode 8 opens with Val feels good when he writes and discusses the connection pull that cannot explain and their strength. He is still playing with the divorce paper; After being signed, it is ironically the end of the chapter for the author.

And Christmas is the year that comes with many reminders – he wants to zero his husband’s reminder who will soon divorce. He spoke to his friends about divorce papers, and he was worried. They told him not to emphasize. Yes, sound advice – “Don’t Stress”. It will do it.

It didn’t take long to have s*x arriving in the final when Carmen jumped Borja:

But then Borja’s mother entered, making it very awkward. Sharing now with friends bring a lot of peeks. Carmen was worried about this situation with Mrs Borja.

Borja arranged the food between his three, and the mother was annoyed because they did not respect their house, but Borja highlighted that he loved Carmen and engaged. He defended his fiance, and this was an extraordinary moment.

And then we moved to Lola, who was in a hurry on Christmas Eve. To have food and celebration with family. He revealed to his friends that he took leave because of Christmas and went to Vienna to recover. When he went to Victor’s place. He is surprised to see another woman in his place.

However, Victor asked if he wanted to stay and watch a movie with them. Lola quickly departed. Feeling nervous, Lola told Val about the woman she saw in Victor’s apartment. Lola acted as if he was okay. Of course, this is Christmas time, and it’s clear Victor has a family. Val concluded that he ended things, so he had to take consequences.

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As for Nerea, he was busy working. He has a new customer – Victor;

He wants him to plan baptism for his nephew. He was surprised he came to him, but Victor explained that Lola recommended it. This is where we learn that women in Victor’s apartment are their sisters when he comes to help plan baptism.

The women took part in a dinner party as part of the celebration, and Val was nervous because Victor would be there. He told Val that he could not forget it and always thought about it. They immediately kissed dark. Their longing for each other was too much, and the scene of the twisting of them had s*x. After having s*x, Val was disappointed because Victor didn’t want to stay the night. Because they “work in the morning”. He tells him it’s not what he thinks. But he’s not interested. You can understand his perspective.

Talking about the End of Valeria Season 2.

The next day, reflecting on the title for the sequel, Victor came and asked if he wanted to take a walk, so they did it – enjoy the market at Christmas. He dropped the truth that he can’t be with him. He claimed that he did not want to get hurt again as a partner. And it was always 1 step forward, two steps back with him. Victor asked, “no string installed”, and asked him to think about it. Audacity!

With time to reflect, Valeria signed a divorce paper with his friends, and they all celebrated with the darkness of wine glasses – this is a new phase in Val’s life. They also celebrated his best-selling book. Women then celebrate the success of their individuals because they do the secret of Santa and recruit the last time.

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He has a new title for the sequel – “Valeria in the mirror.” And then, Victor asked for an answer to “no string installed” through the text. He smiled when he responded, who would leave the audience pulled their hair! Will he say no and give himself strength in the struggle between them, or will he accept the situation like now?