Karnataka Govt asked the Bengaluru IT company to allow WFH to 2022 to avoid traffic chaos

With Metro construction work in Bengaluru, the state government has asked the IT park located along this stretch to extend the ongoing work from their homes.

The Karnataka government has asked a large company with an office in the Outer Ring Road (ORR) or Bengaluru’s IT corridor to extend work from home (WFH) to their employees until the end of December 2022.

The Information Technology Department, Biotechnology, Science & Technology, has requested to construct the early Metro Metro, which will begin on the stretch of a silk board to Kr Puram and from there to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

“We want to pay attention, that BimbCl (Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited) Started Metro’s construction work on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) of the Central Silk Board to Puram Kr and the same development can extend to around 1.5 for 2 years. ORR accommodates a lot Great technology park and IT company campus and carry a large amount of traffic throughout the day. ORR, although it has 6 lanes and road service, famous for eternal traffic congestion, “EV Ramanna Reddy, additional principal, IT / BT Department, S & T In his letter to the Regional Director Nasscom.

Bengaluru’s IT companies are one of the first extended WFH, allowing the multi-billion dollar industry to continue operations even though a pandemic induces the chef.

The department said it would be helpful if “IT companies mainly located in ORR will extend work from home options for most employees to December 2022. And / or IT / company parks may be recommended to staggerate working hours for employees working Physical in the office. ”

The department added that companies that want to continue operations encourage their workers to use companies or public buses to reduce congestion. “We ask you to circulate this advisor to IT companies located in ORR so that infrastructure development activities are carried out smoothly, which will also reduce traffic congestion in the future,” Reddy said.

EV Ramana Reddy, an additional head secretary, Department of Electronics, IT, BT & Science and Technology in Nasscom, on August 21 sent advisors.

Advisers have said: With the start of Metro’s construction at ORR, it will be tough to manage traffic movements on ORR, especially if IT companies continue the office’s work. The Karnataka government has taken several steps by applying the bus priority LANES (BPL) and Safe Cycle Lane to provide alternative options for the mobility of people who work or pass ORR. In addition to these steps to promote bulk transit and cycling as an alternative option to travel on ORR, it will be instrumental if:

a) IT companies located in ORR will extend work from home choice for most employees until December 2022, and IT/company parks may be recommended to staggered working hours for employees who work physically in the office.

b) IT workforce, which needs to attend the office physically, is encouraged to take the bus (BMTC / company) because it runs on the bus lane.