‘The Suicide Squad’ review: The government sent the most dangerous supervillains in the world

After a failed attempt to bring The Suicide Squad to the big screen. With the highly competent David Ayer at the helm. DC Comics found a more successful formula this time around.

The key is a director with anarchic tendencies crawling out of the same toxic sewage sludge as most characters. And in James Gunn, who bit his teeth while working for the thrombus production company. Gonzo Troma (Nuke’ Em High Class, Tromeo and Juliet), that’s what they got.

In retrospect, the first Suicide Squad, released in 2016, may have been the start of trouble.

Trying his luck with PG-13, he drew viewers. Between the film’s highly venomous director David Ayer and the slightly more palatable bird the studio loved. He provided a new wildcard that no one wanted. When he realized the commercial viability of an idea stemming from 1959. The issue of DC Comics’ The Brave and the Brave.

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Aside from Margo Robbie’s radioactive abundance regarding the camera’s proximity to the street. Which is legal sexual harassment (that is, common to women in young male fantasy types).

Ayer’s films are a slippery slope — “overcrowded, overcrowded”. A jolly sadistic corporate direction disguised. As a summer movie for all age groups,” wrote one critic.

Gunn’s ensemble of screenwriters and directors includes topliner Idris Elba and Oscar winner Viola Davis. Who cook together in the show’s best scenes. There is also a King Shark in this Suicide Squad.

Also known as Nanaue, voiced by Sylvester Stallone, half-human, half-shark. Dookie when not chewing human snacks. I JUDGED EMOTIONAL STRESS when DC and Marvel couldn’t get a deal. On a crossover film linking King Shark Stallone to Groot Vin Diesel.

Gunn confounds audience expectations with a prologue depicting a squad:

Including Michael Rooker, being dumped on a beach. In the (fictional) South American state of Corto Maltese. Then we meet a second crew, led by Bloodsport (Elbe), who has family problems with his half-estranged daughter (Storm Reid).

This time, the big hit was Project Starfish. The brainchild of a mad scientist named The Thinker (Peter Capaldi, with metal streaks sticking out of his bald head). The starfish is pink, blue and tall, and the bloodthirsty supply of the Maltese Corto army has ambitious plans for the project.

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His squad is red meat, straightforward, for insane undercover missions where life is cheap, short and prone to dismemberment. In addition to the equally powerful peacemaker John Sina, there is a mighty human shark. There’s dead ace, David Dastmalchian, as the polka-dotted guy, whose break pays off hilariously at the climax in Chicago.

Most importantly, Robbie’s Harley Quinn is back. And while the supporting role feels odd after last year’s featuring Birds of Prey accented like the first. Let’s not talk about it, Suicide Squad.

“This time the boiling point is much lower, which doesn’t mean Gunn is for good taste. He would only have killed a good bunch of freedom fighters for one mistake. If he didn’t represent the Maltese secretary to his chest.”

He’s also quite a director to populate and activate the framework and develop an idea or two.

America’s geopolitical alliance is being challenged. When peacemaker Joel Kinnaman’s son confronts Rick’s flag. Conflicting ideas of duty, honour and patriotic loyalty are taken seriously enough to uphold. I didn’t think Gunn would come here for John Le Carré. But Gunn is an ultraviolet moron with a stimulating mind.

Each character has its own kind of moment to shine. And talk trash between the “layers”, and for the first time. There is no global apocalypse. It’s just one island nation (played by Panama, where the film was primarily filmed).

Threatened by a one-eyed, Godzilla-sized nautical souvenir. In a DC movie universe that’s so uneven, weighed down by Batman and Superman interrupts. So often that “Suicide Squad” really qualifies as a living room comedy.

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But the main advantage of this film is Gunn’s imaginary vision. In the shiny helmet of the peacemaker (John Cena); Two large men reach for a harmless urinal. The suicide squad has found in its place in the superhero pantheon: gutter and pride.