‘Stillwater’ review: Matt Damon star in a messy thriller about the father looking for justice

Tom McCarthy was the director who gave us the spotlight of the Oscar winner, a film that could be expected. A chaotic drama and misjudged, misbehave, directed and frankly.

Something that falls into a bad-bad bracket. It was inspired by the case of Amanda Knox. A young American woman was released. After spending four years in Italy’s prison after the murder in 2007.

From her roommate in Perugia, England exchange Meredith Kørcher. The film creates a quasi-Knox fiction figure and stupid the character-made characters from inevitable big mistakes that actual Amanda Knox might feel should not smear him.

Moved the action to Marseille in France. Abigail Breslin plays Allison Baker:

A young woman from Stillwater, Oklahoma, a visiting American student convicted of killing her lover and now presents time in prison. Matt Damon plays Allison’s Dad, Bill, a construction worker.

He came out to Marseille (maybe on a tourist visa, even though he seemed to stay without a time limit, doing building-site work). But now, he is consumed by the need to resolve this case. To prove his daughter’s innocence, and arrest the person who does.

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And when he was there, Bill – an All-American man. Who loved a house that loved the house that prayed and said grace. But it also should be “fuckup” – starting one of the impossible relationships in the history of the film, starting the romance with a stage actor Local and single mother Virginie (Camille Cottin).

This character is fundamental in mediating between bills and locals, acting as his translator and lover. His daughter worshipped Bill. But he and Virginie don’t look the same; Even in the most intimate moments, Damon and Cottin looked. As if they were just introduced at LA parties and had no similarities.

Damon is in a terrible bond in this film.

Of course, he must sympathize – he must be Matt Damon. And the film will not allow him to be another matter. But it is also essential that he is a little loser.

That his daughter does not believe it, and to explain his extraordinary acts of violence. The film has never really acknowledged. He seems to be a good boy who wears a hat every time and faithfully appears for prison visits.

In a soccer match in Marseille, the bill will live at a glance. The young man is widely suspicious of the murder. Where his daughter has been punished. And began whiskey acts that cannot explain. Shelah! No matter where this terrible film slices it, this is a very creepy thing. Lecter-Esque to do Damon, and this drama has no way to make peace with it.

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But other strange records present with a scene where Allison should have tried suicide in prison. It seems to convince us that he also suffered. But only forgot this poor incident as there was no scene. Where Bill and Allison discussed it. This is very strange.

There are some excellent people in this terrible film:

Whose talents have been wasted? And the only thing to do now is forgotten all about it. The problem is that Air Stillwater has never committed to one tone or even subplot.

As soon as the film left an investigation, such as Amanda Knox for the family drama. McCarthy Resorts returned to become a thriller film in the development of the plot. That came out from where and betrayed what had happened before.

Almost melting all films. In trying to avoid becoming one, simple thing, Stillwater tries to be all things. Breathing his narrative with superficial topics that never leads anywhere. There is a brief effort to address the themes of class division. And races in the oldest and most diverse cities.

Parallel drawing between it and the US. But this is forgotten as fast as introduced. Like the blink-and-you-miss-it depiction of the loss of the body left behind. So fast So that the border insults because of how serious must dismiss the topic like this.

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In the end, Stillwater, precisely as suggested by the premium. It is a film about the death of an Arab girl who becomes a reflection of the story. Of white people who cause chaos in a foreign country.