My Amanda Review: The rare love story of two friends and the impact of each other

Amanda (Alessandra de Rossi) and the TJ (Piolo Pascual) are among the best friends. They readily share a double bed, get into the bathroom when the other is showering, and nick Fuffy and Fream.

They often joke about their close relationship and the fact that it’s never been over, but neither of them seems to want to act that way.

Family and friends try to wake him up together, but they reject him and value their relationship for the rare gem they represent. Shaken at breaking up with her fiancé Kelvin, Amanda wonders if seeing him again was the right choice.

She and TJ went on a trip, celebrated and got some matching tattoos in the meantime.

Although My Amanda initially seems to be on the road. To a romantic love affair between two BFFs – Alessandra de Rossi has written and directed the film – instead focuses on the beauty of spiritual love and all it has to offer.

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Will they do it? There is not any? Should they try? Amanda and TJ’s love story may not be mediocre, but it’s still a story worth telling.

It is based on the true friendships of her life, so it makes perfect sense. That her performance should be the strongest in the film. He can go from hilariously hilarious to downright heartbreaking in a teardrop hat.

Perhaps because so much of the film’s story stems from his life experiences. De Rossi has a kind of on-screen presence that feels natural and alive. And that’s the main reason why My Amanda’s simple premise works so well.

“Husband and wife can be good friends without falling in love,” said Amanda. It’s simple but seems the opposite of When Harry Met Sally’s Core – and it stuck with me.

It’s not often films that are bold enough to focus on platonic heterosexual friendships:

Without being something more. “Don’t want-for-you” almost always ends in “want,” and friendship is usually seen as a stepping stone to a romantic relationship.

Amanda, I think “Don’t” is more interesting than the alternative; Friendship at its core is undoubtedly fueled by thrilling chemistry, but it doesn’t have to develop into anything.

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Most of the film contains only conversations between Amanda and TJ. It’s not often that something this talkative and low-stakes works, but My Amanda manages to create something exciting with a primarily smooth storyline.

My Amanda may stray from soap operas at times, but she takes on both her hosts’ legitimate appearances with grace. For about 90 minutes, the film doesn’t go beyond its acclaim – a rare phenomenon when it comes to more severe and less flashy dramas like this.

In my opinion, the ending is a little off, and the story doesn’t always work out. Whatever flaws My Amanda makes up for by her honest heart and unwavering focus on the magic of this kind of intimate, life-changing friendship that doesn’t usually get a chance to shine in this genre. It is an unromantic romance, a rare love story of two friends and their mutual effects.

My Amanda draws strength from her simplicity;

This is a heartfelt and honest film about one of the most meaningful types of relationships life has to offer. Best Friends Become More is a classic romantic comedy, As Harry meets Sally, What If, Just Friends, and the more dramatic One Day explore the power of friendship turning into the romance.

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My Amanda, a Filipino film which is now streaming on Netflix. It sets things up in a way that it feels familiar but is more interested in exploring the beauty of platonic friendship.